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Democracy Happy Hour - Shared screen with gallery view
Darrell Johnson
I’m on Fox Island, Puyallup land.
Kit Muehlman
Hello from Bellingham
Leona Hassing
Umatilla, Palouse, Cayuse, Walla Walla tribes
Linda Bock
Linda Bock from Sammamish, former lands of the Coast Salish, Stillaguamish, and Duwamish
Kathleen Gallagher
Suquamish land
Cindy Black
If you don’t know the indigenous land where you reside on, you can look it up here: Native Land - https://native-land.ca/
Roy Pardee
Also Suquamish here
Dwight Rousu
Coastal Salish and Snohomish
Diane Gordon
Diane Gordon on Mercer Island which is Duwamish Land.
Jacqueline (Jackie) Boss
I am from Swinomish & Samish lands!
Barbara Klein
Shasta, Takelma (in Oregon)
Roy Pardee
they used to be under a consent decree preventing them from doing that I think--because of past abuses
Dwight Rousu
redistricting: in Washington it is reported that repubs are flooding the public response with their views.
Roy Pardee
how on earth is that legal?
Keitha Bryson
Check your voter registration at VoteWA.gov. The site will ask you to verify your date of birth before they give you access to your registration information.
Dwight Rousu
There are good polls and bad polls
Ace Haynes
The current extremist republicans in the 23rd LD are supported by kitsap county’s democrats. People who oppose their extremism are blacklisted from attending democrat events.
Jeremy and Nancy Street
Maybe they were radical before they entered the military,
Rusty West
It appears that the punishment for some of our Jan 6th insurrectionists, were/are quite small, for the crimes they committed.
Jim Wavada
Dr. Kathleen Belew's "Bring the War Home" offers a comprehensive, historical review of the history going back to the Civil War of military veterans creating and leading anti-government extremists groups. She details and documents how these groups have evolved over time...yet always have that link of their leadership having military experience and a grievance to which they bring a conviction that violence and dominance is the way to resolve all their grievances. It's what they learn from military service.
Jeff Bialer
Germany and Hungary succeeded in coup #2
Jim Wavada
P.S. I am a veteran. My best friends of veterans as well, so I'm not trashing military service.
Norm Conrad
two three decades ago, military recruiters were have trouble finding recruits. As a result the recruiters significantly altered their standards. A LOT of skinheads and militia members were recruited. While the military builds an authoritarian mindset, it is also true that because of corrupt recruiting we can find ourselves with well-trained terrorists.
Rusty West
I wonder how much "lack of connection to family" or "lack of connection to other social groups" plays a role in radicalization
Rusty West
YES: "Turn the other cheek" is often the best way to go, thanks Robin
Dwight Rousu
It can be hard to ignore extremists when sensationalist news media spends a high percentage of their time on extremist minorities.
Ace Haynes
Those extremists are here in Kitsap County, they claim to be democrats, and they live in Poulsbo.
Roy Pardee
We def have a lot of white supremacists in the PNW. I think of the "patriot prayer" group down in Vancouver.
Ace Haynes
ERACE has been trying to get a Race Equity Advisory Committee in Poulsbo for half a decade but the local controlling democrats support police who maim and murder minorities and refuse to even have the discussion.
Dr Rick
Roy Pardee
well said Jim
Robin Hordon
Be afraid...be very afraid. The Rs have our number...aka...how to distract us. Most people are not violent and too many do not vote. We need to ignore, shun, turn away from, ignore the entire swath of violence.
Ace Haynes
Our school boards meetings in Kitsap are not being shut down, they are being exploited by the board members and used to abuse people they would disagree with.
Robin Hordon
If we always react to them...they will continue to do more of it...and in louder ways. If we turn away and shun them...they do not know what to do. Lets get busy getting out the vote.
Jim Wavada
We should remember that the most deadly domestic terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, was a disaffected Army veteran as were his accomplices in the attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The difference between McVeigh and someone like Amon Bundy is training and a sense of mission developed in military service.
Roy Pardee
got to go--many thanks Cindy & all for a fascinating session
Rusty West
Yes, Glen:
Rusty West
Ideas precede words.
Robin Hordon
2/3rds of the citizenry hold progressive ideas and values. We need to change our ways and develop methods to reach those who vote R in spite of holding those values. That group is the "persuadable voters"...and not the hard heads that are subject of this meeting. We gotta go about our business of finding the good people and then getting them out to vote. Use the time saved from no longer dealing with/considering the haters.
Rusty West
Words precede actions.
Ace Haynes
The extremists in Kitsap are united in their belief that elected PCOs do not have to adhere to the Open Public Meetings Act. Val Torrens, April Ferguson, Johanna Baxter, and Becky Erickson are the most dangerous extremists and they DO control who gets to speak.
Dwight Rousu
People like to belong, and once they belong they tend to be reluctant to criticize "their" group. It is hard for extremist groups to self correct their ideas and actions.
Kit Muehlman
Robin Hordon, I hope you’re right about the 2/3 of the population holding progressive views. There’s lots of work to be done, and I applaud your efforts to reach this group of persuadable voters.
Ace Haynes
Poulsbo Presecutor Alexis Foster is working FOR the extremists and prosecuting people for resisting.
Robin Hordon
65% hold progressive values...as I remember. Why the Dem Party has ignored them is no mystery...the Dems feed from the same corporate $ trough as do the Rs.
Robin Hordon
So WE need to be the difference makers.
Kit Muehlman
Robin Hordon, Are you familiar with “The Politics Industry” by Geil and Porter? Some political solutions there.
Ace Haynes
if you oppose extremists, the Poulsbo PD will classify your actions as “malicious mischief” and then the Prosecutor Alexis Foster will commit perjury to fill bogus charges against you and the pro temp judge will accept the charges without probable cause and wait for the knapstad motion to dismiss. but they get to remove your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th amendment rights in the process.
Cindy Black
WA House - House Health Care & Wellness Committee - https://leg.wa.gov/House/Committees/HCW/Pages/default.aspx
Cindy Black
Senate - https://leg.wa.gov/Senate/Committees/HLTC/Pages/default.aspx
Jim Wavada
I am old enough to remember the source of most of the abandonment of the mentally ill in Washington. In the early 80s, advocates for a mentally ill person who disputed his involuntary commitment won his lawsuit and what followed was legislation limiting involuntary commitment of adults to 72 hours and requiring they then be released. The legislation also promised, but did not fund community mental health residential treatment as an alternative. Instead, these folks who were placed in our state mental health institutions involuntarily were put on the streets 72 hours later.
Denise Smith
Thank you Cincy and everyone
Rusty West
thanks SO MUCH for this tonight, Cindy