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Relay Weekly Webinar: Economic Outlook with MIT Professor Roberto Rigobon - Shared screen with speaker view
Lucas Correa
Hello! One debate we hear is whether this crisis might generate inflation in the future. What is your view on that?
An important part of the economic impact is unemployment. What will allow unemployment rates to recover and when should we expect this to happen?
Adrian Villasenor
What is your view about the effects on income inequality / social disparity… given the fiscal stimulus of FED we have seen temporary effects of a stronger Wall Street in the face of the crisis.... but Main Street falling deeper into bankruptcies and job-losses. Will this be THE crisis that severely worsens income inequality? What is your view of the long term effect of this in inequality?
Mark McKenzie
Can you speak a little about how Innovation could perhaps mitigate the length and severity of this crisis. We probably have the greatest ever concentration of innovative minds all focused on the same issue simultaneously, how do you assess/discount the length/severity based on the likelihood of major disruptive innovation solving the crisis?