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LBTS Chamber, Town and Lodging Association Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Rick, PH Realty
Rick, PH Realty
We're just about to hit 10,000 in LBTS Happenings alone. The Aruba's videos from yesterday were viewed by over 5,500 people worldwide. We're working on some BIG affiliate marketing ideas now.
Rick, PH Realty
"Affiliate Marketing" has been huge for us. Great topic! Susan has always been very generous with us in providing Gift Certificates for events, and we promote her too.
Rick, PH Realty
It's key to look for Symbiotic, non-competitive businesses --- hotels, restaurants and boutiques are great combinations. We do it with Closing Agents, Interpreters, Hotel Furniture Suppliers, Pool Service companies, lenders, etc.