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Prosperity Strategy Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Alastair Paulin
A reminder to any members of the media that follow-up interviews are available. Please contact Metro Chamber's Erika Bjork at ebork@metrochamber.org or me at apaulin@sacog.org.
Erika Bjork
Quick correction. Email is ebjork@metrochamber.org or 916.606.4554
Valley Vision
Good Afternoon Attendees. We are excited to have you joining us. If you have any questions during the presentation please direct them to the Q&A box. We will do our best to get to those. Feel free to post among yourselves, and alert us to any technical issues here in the chat box.- Enjoy
Erika Bjork
Today’s full webinar will be shared later on theprosperitystrategy.org. You can also download the Our Path Forward: The Prosperity Strategy on at the same URL.
Laura Good
What is health innovation? Does that include medtech?
Laura Good
oops...posted in wrong place. reposted to q&a
Laura Good
Is Jump Bike ever going to be a thing again?
Leroy Tripette
Laura: I thought technically, they aren't completely gone...? Uber sold their interest to Lime, so the question is when Lime plans to come back into the market. Have to believe that is going to decided on region's growth path, and once we get past the point of virus being so easily spread (I don't see Lime developing a major sanitation protocol, right?)
Laura Good
Leroy -- true that Lime now owns the bikes but can their biz survive if people don't feel safe using the bikes.
Laura Good
If you haven't read the Talent Report GSEC co-produced with CBRE yet, I highly recommend it! https://www.greatersacramento.com/greater-sacramento-talent-story/