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Functional Body Building - Shared screen with speaker view
San Francisco Crossfit
Warm-up:2 Sets8/side Rotating Bird Dogs8/side Figure 4 to Pigeon8/side Rotational Curtsy Squat8 Beast to Push-upsA1) Ballet Squat: 6-8 Reps/sideA2) Single arm Z-Press: 8-10 Reps/arm Rest 90sec x 3 SetsB1) Single Leg Bent Over Row: 8-10 Reps/sideB2) Shin Box Hip Extensions: 8-10 Reps/sideB3) Overhead Split Squat Isometric Hold: 30sec/side; Rest 90sec x 3 SetsC) 3 Sets for Quality:10 Curl to Goblet Kneeling to Standing10 Single Leg Hand-Off Swings10 Skater Hand-offs