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Unlocking Enterprise - Finance & Funding - Shared screen with speaker view
Simon Cottingham
Ah, thanks
Neal Trup
You may need to scroll down
Aoise KN - Supply Change
Try switching to Gallery View- https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362323-How-Do-I-Change-The-Video-Layout-
Simon Cottingham
I am going to have to leave for another confrence at 12, I just wanted to know if good finance and supply change are linking in with the 2.6 challenge?
Ishita Ranjan
Simon - thanks for flagging 2.6 challenge. We;kk get in touch with them and see if we can work together in any way!
Simon Cottingham
Ishita, can we have an offline meeting to discuss?
Beth Pilgrim
can you share the details of the challenge we'd love to hear more!
Simon Cottingham
Maybe with Beth as well I can set up a hangouts meeting to discuss later today if that works for you - my email is simon.cottingham@independentadvocacy.org if you email me i can invite for say 3.30?
Beth Pilgrim
great im on beth@supplychange.co.uk
Simon Cottingham
Ishita and beth, i have sent you a calender invite, just click the join hangouts meet in the invite at 3.30 and i will have the presentation on 2.6 challenge which i can show you