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Newborn Sleep - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi, my 8 week old is sleeping relatively well at night, generally sleeping between 10pm-6/7am and waking once or twice for a feed. But it's getting harder and harder to get her to nap during the day. So far we've just been getting her to sleep in the sling or buggy during the day but now this either doesn't work or only works for periods under an hour. So she ends up having lots of short naps and/or not enough sleep. Should we be trying to get her down in the crib and for longer periods. If so what are the best techniques for this?
my 15 week old sleeps well at night but often wakes after 20 min of a daytime nap and won’t resettle... help!
Also, should I be feeding her close to a nap (although not feeding her to sleep) or should I be aiming for a bit of 'activity' time first?
If she is napping for a longer period should I wake her when its time for her next feed or is it better to have a time limit on the nap length - i.e. not more than 2 or 3 hours?
My 17 week old has all of a sudden become unable to sleep in her own space which she was reliably doing. This means I have to either cosleep or baby wear otherwise she will just scream. Should I be fighting this or am I OK to give in whilst she's going through the 4 month sleep regression so we can both get a decent amount of sleep?
Leonora Grcheva
My 11 week old goes to sleep with a bedtime routine, but wakes up many times during the night, sometimes every hour from 2am onward. Sometimes it's not from hunger, but she still asks for the breast for comfort and to go back to sleep (or i offer it). How do I teach her to self-settle in the middle of the night, or how do I help her sleep for longer stretches?
Louise Morris
I feed after my boy has woken up after a 30min nap but then he falls asleep again during feeding. is that because he is still tired? And should I be putting him down again or wake him up for play? thanks
my baby is 4 weeks old is it ok to go 6 hours without a feed? He’s now sleeping for longer periods in between feeds.
Usha Bhari
my little one sleeps on sofa in daytime with hoover noise on. but at night time hates his cot. prefers our bed.
Usha Bhari
should have said hes 3 months old
will these session recordings be made available online to access at anytime?
Saloni Kataria
hi is 3 months too early to teach self settling eg pick up/put down to soothe until they fall asleep?
Corina Jones
My baby was born 3 months premature so after staying all of this time in the hospital, she arrived at home 1 week ago. Her sleep is all over the place atm, most likely because at Nicu was light day and light, and also because of environment change etc. I'm trying to settle her to sleep in the moses basket but it's pretty difficult and she now prefers to sleep in my arms or next to me in the bed. I'm not sure how to settle her to sleep for longer periods of time in the moses basket. Just want to mention that she is breastfeeding well.
Kirsty Mcdougall
baby is 13 weeks should I still dream feed around 11 or let them wake naturally?
My 3week old spits up quite a lot especially during the day. He is also a very noisy sleeper (making sounds and shuffling) which means I’m never fully asleep worrying about him spitting up in his sleep. Any suggestions on how I can help him?
should I wake my baby from her naps? She's almost 5months and I always feel bad about it but ATM she is waking around 2 for 2 hours.
my 18 week old wakes straight away or after 5-10 mins when put down into his cot during day naps but not at night time. this means i need to hold him for the entire nap. he resists babywearing. what can i do? thanks!
she maps very well. night sleep is very disturbed, but she is also teething