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ISRAELI PALESTINIAN PEACE SIMULATION - Shared screen with speaker view
Bisharah Libbus
Could Mr. Wlkerson address the question "Why is that that so many American officials in high positions keep silent on issues related (critical?) of American policy but then voice their true critical opinion when they are out of power?" Is this a case of intimidation or collusion?
Host Dan
There will be a chance to ask questions after the simulation.
Jeff Pollock
Dr. Avesar, I admire your intention/effort next week to argue such an indefensible and absurd position. I cannot wait to see and hear your approach.
Jeff Pollock
I would be happy to support such a government, but that will be useless as long as Islam and the Koran teaches/mandates/educates its adherents to hate/distrust/kill all infidels/Jews/non-believers.
Abraham Michelen
Mr. Pollock, what you say is old and not true! The same can be said about the Tora where (tyhey say) God gave the land of Palestine ONLY for the Jews!!
Omar Huda
God is not a Realtor!And Mr. Pullock, this. Isn’t a forum for discussion of Religions, though you can benefit from studying a little bit of Islamic teachings.
Jesse Bevan
apologies for late arrival. busy making breakfast for my wife on mother's day. totally spaced
Dan Enslow - Haifa based
Mr. Pollock is alluding to the value of addressing the theological foundations that helps to define the working realities in this special land at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Is the "hand of the Eternal Creative Essence chained up"?? This land is rich in histories of dynamic interaction with the Divine, Is there evidence that might even be a possibility in these times?
Hasan Hammami
This is Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami
Are you suggesting that the confederation begins with the present status, with all the “facts on the ground " that Israel has swallowed. This essentially erases all past UN resolutions on Right of Return, . If thsi is so, the image of an ideal arrangement is turned into a confederation between a POwerful Gorilla and a Small Canary with no equality
Dr IZ Kovar
Can i ask why two palestinian vetoes? if you wish equity you can only have two sides?!
Dr IZ Kovar
i would see this simulation flawed on this basis.
Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami, If you keep anIsraeli police force with huge armaments in their control and settlers who have freedom to carry weapons, there will be a huge imbalance when the Palestinian side has little
charles fredricks
Hasan, I was referring to the fact that IPC representation follows a different configuration than the existing political divisions, “facts on the ground”
charles fredricks
As regards IPC police, the potential is to decrease tensions on the Palestinian side, which will decrease attacks on Israelis. As this becomes a reality, trust of IPC policing will increase, and their ability to intervene in potential conflict will likewise increase.
Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami The wall needs to be removed
Dan Tennant-Ralphs (Madrid)
yep, that is my thinking
Abraham Michelen
I agree, why keep a wallt was designed to still land from the Palestinias?
Dan Tennant-Ralphs (Madrid)
salaam shalom,this is a fan-made list I've complied of films and TV series touching on themes of equality, justice and peace between Israel and Palestine, which I like:https://letterboxd.com/danito1987/list/israel-and-palestineI thought you may find it interesting.Please feel free to share it,peace from Madrid,Dan
Omar Huda
It’s high time to build bridge, not wall, which has done nothing to stop violence
Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami, I fully agree with building bridges, and tearing down walls
Paul McDermott
Can we vote to expel this congress person?
Dr IZ Kovar
role playing is fun, but the reality is crazies on both sides need to be sidelined if this, or any other solution, is to work!
Hasan Hammami
I think Len wants to keep the status quo, Israel keeps aMOST OF THE LAND AND ALL THE POWER
Abraham Michelen
A President can call for the replacement of a parliamentarian, but this doesn't mean that he ha the power to replace them. Mr. Ty is certainly a racist and should not be part of the Parliament of the IPC. \
Dan Enslow - Haifa based
Sorry, need to sign off. Thank you for your efforts, Dan Enslow
Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami. Legislation and rules alone willnot get us there. We need measures that include the ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST PLUS Carrot and stick rewards
Jesse Bevan
and for as horrible as Sharon is, he took courage to dismantle Israeli settlements in Gaza and formed his own political party
Jesse Bevan
he saw likud is not the likud that made peace with Egypt
Hasan Hammami
Hasan Hammami , Did I miss something or did we all missed something important. The concept of EQUAL, EQUALL RIGHTS. WHERE ARE THESE?
The apartheid wall is to carve out additional occupied lands. And what about the horrendous wall that strangulates Gaza?
Abraham Michelen
Mr. Bennett, the wall has been growing day by day. The Wall for Israel is simply a tool to keep stealing land from the Palestinians, so to make sure that A TWEO-TE SOLUTION WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
Abraham Michelen
Mr. Bennett, sorry for the capitalization of the last lne in my last message. I just hit the Caps Lock by mistake.
Will talks about "Confederation" Turn to more talks that provide Israeli occupation to keep, expand, and increase its illegal settlements? Will a dual Palestinian -Israeli forces serve more as it is currently, to do the dirty work of occupation on behalf of Israel?
Libby Traubman
sorry but I have to leave for another event Thanks for another important gathering Libby
Ori Bennett
Stop the misinformation. Military exports from Israel are 10-15%
Gretchen Crawford
The propaganda of hate against Russians will not work on this American! And the Palestinians are the oppressed in the I/P and we need them and their input to work on the climate emergency. 1908 Scofield hasbara Bible - intentionally created , history !
Ori Bennett
Christian nationalism is very dangerous, when the government becomes a tool of one sect of one faith
Gretchen Crawford
Can psychopaths , easily identified by decent Kindergarten teachers , be denied positions of power to keep humanity safer ? As it is now , the most dangerous individuals have their heartlessness covered up ( because it showed in childhood ) .
Ty Ebright
My horrible remarks do not represent my true beliefs. I was roll playing, as an Israili from Sderot. I visited Sderot 10 days ago. I heard those direct statements many time. I apologize to this group if I ever played my raciest role. That is not me.
Ty Ebright
Over played
Ori Bennett
Theocrats too
Abraham Michelen
I know now that you are a good Israeli Jew (I am a good Christian Palestinian).; your clarification is great1
Abraham Michelen
My last message was for Mr. Elbright. It was not clear when I sent the message.
Gretchen Crawford
If Americans did not do treason ( such as attacking First Amendment) …
Ty Ebright
Ty lives in Grenada, as a Bhuddist..
Ty Ebright
I just spend 21 days in the WB and Jerusalem
Abood Osh