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Wednesday LTC Provider Call - DPHS - Shared screen with speaker view
Based on appearing to be no spike associated with recent reopening’s in NH, but spikes in other states as they reopen, do we think our spike may just be delayed?
Can Family Members drop off fresh vegetables/fruit? And if so -- how should we handle/manage such deliveries?
Tricia Cummings
What is the requirement for quarantine for people travelling to NH from states other than ME and VT? and does this apply to people travelling from other states for outside visits?
Elizabeth Sanders
Any change in recommendations on group meetings, if >6 foot distance and masking maintained? Can more than 10 people meet?
Elizabeth Sanders
Above message is meant to refer to staff and not patients.
Greg Vasse
CMS recently released QSO letter 20-31 which contains guidance on the resumption of routine CMS certification surveys for all certified contractors including nursing homes and hospitals. The guidance for resumption of routine survey activity requires that a State has entered phase 3 of nursing home re-opening status OR earlier at the State’s discretion. Can any of the presenters comment on just where NH stands on either phase 3 or a State decision on the resumption of routine survey activity?
Good morning! I have a question, we are in the middle of a COVID out break. Previously it was stated that if we wore our PPE- goggles,, face shield and surgical mask over our N-95, we were able to go room to room without changing our surgical masks as long as the faceshield was on. Now we are being told that we need to change the surgical mask everytime we come out of the residents room. Any thoughts on this? We are blowing through PPE rapidly.
Sarah Morazzini
What about memory care residents who will not be able to wear a surgical mask due to cognitive status?
For Memory Care residents who are unable to wear a mask properly is a face shield and acceptable alternative?
Clare Wilmot
we are able to say the right thing to LTC memory care residents, with straight talk. it does not last long, but they do cooperate.
Clare Wilmot
re mask wearing
Sara Nadeau
We use NEPS for our resident medications. NEPS annually provides our resident flu clinic. They are beginning planning for this year's flu season. Given I would believe this is considered medically necessary, are we permitted to have their staff (usually two pharmacists) provide this inside the building this year? It would be September - October timeframe. If not appropriate inside, would it be acceptable do so the clinic outside this year? They would wear masks and face shields.
Kailey Nowalk
We have a distance of 13 feet for our outdoor distance. There is a chain link fence gate and a table that is between the resident and the visitor. Can we accept a visitor from MA?
Kailey Nowalk
Full fence as well (they are not able to get around the fence to the visitor)
Marie Iphone 11
if Family or resident do not follow rule of the visit , would it be advised to stop the costs for that family and resident?
Taylor Selembo
As Aaron stated, LTCF Testing <LTCFTesting@dhhs.nh.gov>
Marie Iphone 11
could we start small group activities out doors
I was thinking that they would get 1 reminder, and if a 2nd reminder is needed, the resident would be removed from the area... Does this sound too harsh?
Robin Nelson
Cheryl. that is our thought too.
Taylor Selembo
Dr. Talbot is referencing https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/long-term-care.html "Considerations when restrictions are being relaxed include..." along with CMS reopening guidance
Kirstin Swanson
If a visitor or resident breaks protocol (ex. is able to get to the resident and hug them) before our staff is able to intervene, what is the recommended actions regarding the resident. We have tables that are between visitors and residents, but would the resident need to quarantine after any physical contact?
Hillsborough County Nursing Home Meetings
Question about Testing of Positive Residents: Is there a timeline available for the department issue of guidance on re-testing of Postive Patients/Staff. We have understood that patients may continue to test positive for up to 5 weeks. We have been told that the Dept will be issuing guidance on retesting of these individuals.
Lynda P. Goldthwaite
whether or not this has been said, we are all tremendously appreciative of the collaboration, support, and resources of our nh public health team....Thank you so much!!
Tricia Cummings
Tricia Cummings
can they please address the travel restrictions.
Luanne Rogers
Truly appreciative.
Robin Nelson
Thank you Public Health Team
Jasmine Gosselin
Hillsborough County Nursing Home Meetings
Bless you for your service to us all
TY Public Health, you all are the best!