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Principal Impact: Exploring New Research and Policy Implications - Shared screen with speaker view
Anna Egalite
FYI- I can’t screen share until Robert stops
NASBE Moderator
right, he'll take slides down and you should be free to share yours. Just a short transition.
Anna Egalite
Yep, just making sure you are aware. Thanks, Renee!
NASBE Moderator
Welcome to today's webinar! Please use the chat to share comments (and we'll share resources here), and use the Q&A to ask questions.
NASBE Moderator
Find this important Wallace-commissioned research here: https://www.wallacefoundation.org/knowledge-center/pages/how-principals-affect-students-and-schools-a-systematic-synthesis-of-two-decades-of-research.aspx
Mebane Rash
Snaps for Anna and Constance showing up from North Carolina!
Anna Egalite
Thanks, Mebane :) Shout-out to EdNC!
Naaz Modan
Question: In your review, were there any examples of changes in principal's race positively impacting outcomes for students? (So, black principal replacing white principal resulting in improved outcomes for black students or other students of color)
Cathy Yun
Love the framework!
Susan Maude
Glad to hear you did include special education under the leadership of the principal. How about the variety of early childhood education programs (Pre-K, Head Start, Early Childhood Special Education, etc.) that in some states have been or are growing within public school settings? I know Illinois has worked on legislation to infuse ECE into principal preservice efforts....
Kristy Miller
Did you find that principals had to be a minimum number of years before data actually improved? Was there any relationship between the leaders tenure, their teacher's tenure and outcomes?
Daniel Gecker
What would you include in preparation programs that is not currently required to improve principal quality.
Emily Webb
In a state that provides a lot of authority to local school divisions, especially related to personnel, what can state boards do to improve the principal pipeline and mentorship programs?
Devonna Klaassen
Greater stability rather than turnover in leadership was highlighted as a benefit. Is there an idea as to a threshold of how much turnover is too much turnover?
Ruth Cross
Thanks to Donna Leak to mention SEL.
Ruth Cross
Principals need to know how to develop those trusting relationships.
Christine Benson
I so agree with the mentoring. Great comment.
Daniel Gecker
So, if your state already requires internship/mentorship prior to principal licensure, what part of the system do you change to improve outcomes? In other words, how do you operationalize those things necessary to improve quality.
Susan Maude
YES!!!! what is developmentally appropriate practices in ece is critical for principals to understand! Lead the charge Robert!!!! ;)