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Assessing RI's Child Care Landscape Amid Reopening - Shared screen with speaker view
Laurie White - GPCC
Please put your questions in the chat box. We will get them answered.
Carol Patnaude
Have you found that teachers are willing to return? Or, do you anticipate having to hire new teachers?
I would like to thank Caitlin and her team for their partnership in working on this critical issue over the last few months. We are grateful for your support of our employees. As an employer is there content available that we can share with our employees as they start to navigate the new reality of in-center or in-home care as far as what to expect under these new rules? Margaret Wingate, Lifespan
Carol Patnaude
Thank you!
Marlene Guay
As capacity is not at the pre-covid rate, is there waiting lists for young people to get into programs? Thinking about the demand needs from families.
I completely agree re: children going to new centers. Great info, thank you!
Meliss' iPhone
Do you foresee a need for additional/new child care centers to open in RI to accommodate the numbers of families displaced by reduced enrollment limitations due to covid?
Samantha McCormack
Only 10% of our families are CCAP so the CCAP boost will not help us financially. For us to open with these ratios will be a huge financial loss. What help can larger, primarily private pay centers look for?