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DCFC RFP Pre-Bidders Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
Marc Blanchette
The map shows Rt. 1A between Ellsworth and Bangor/Brewer as eligible but target list doesn’t mention it. Is Rt. 1A also eligible?
Michael Stoddard
Route 1A is not eligible unless it is within 1 mile of Route 1 (between Rockland and Ellsworth) or within 1 mile of I-395 up in Brewer.
Mark Roberts
It appears the proposal will be in Word format. Am I reading this correctly?
Barry Woods
On page 8 re Demand Charge Incentive, what level of 'separate meter' is meant by: " To be eligible for the Demand Charge Incentive the two DC fast chargers installed under this award must be metered separately from other loads. " Does that mean necessarily separate utility service? or just metered separately so that demand charge impact of charger themselves can be assessed (perhaps by private sub meter). Seems like it should be the latter, given the following sentence in the RFP about how to deal with future addition of more chargers
Barry Woods
If we experience some efficiencies from doing more than one, is there a way to respond with some multi site discount?
Annie Gilleo
Are utilities able to support costs of grid connection?
Barry Woods
P. 13. S. 4.3.2. (2)(c) Customer Payment.How do you figure cost per kwhr < retail cost of gasoline? What assumed vehicle efficiency? what grade of retail gas? it the expectation that the price is adjusted down if gas gets cheaper? or is this just a limitation on where we set the price to start? (sounds like per session fees and idling charges can be in addition to kwhr or hourly rate). How flexible is this requirement if economics demand a higher price per kWh??
Barry Woods
Under p 7, S2.3 You say selected bidder will be expected to … “promote the use of the charging stations” Also p.14 S. 4.3.2(5) You reference deploying outreach and marketing plan to ensure utilization. Can you explain these requirements further.
Peter Olmsted
I am sorry if I missed it, but are there a specific number of locations being sought and/or total amount of funding available for this round? Thank you.
Barry Woods
With 60 mile spacing between sites, is this criteria considered absolute or is it weighted?
Barry Woods
Best practice seems to be installing at least a couple L2 alongside DCFC just in case the chargers are down or occupied, so nobody gets stranded. Is it right that those are not included as eligible costs here, and their load would not be considered in any demand charge waiver?
Annie Gilleo
To follow up on the questions about spacing - it looks like the first two priority routes are ~60mi from end point to end point. Are locations within 1 mile of the identified corridors but at the midpoint also eligible?
Annie Gilleo
Do stations need to be grid connected? Could they be served by DERs? If grid connected, do they need to take standard offer service or can they use a competitive energy supplier?
Barry Woods
If we experience some efficiencies from doing more than one site, is there a way to respond with some multi site discount?
Annie Gilleo
Might you award partial bid requests - for example if we submit 5 sites, might you only select 3?
Barry Woods
Nitpicky Q-Eligible costs- include sales tax?