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NALP Member Town Hall - Well-Being in the Recruiting Process - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Beal - NALP
Antitrust Statement - As members of a trade association and as representatives of organizations working at institutions that compete with one another, we always have a heightened responsibility to make sure our conversations avoid drifting in areas that our antitrust laws would prohibit. For panelists and participants, it is fine to describe decisions you have made and have been publicly announced or those you have seen publicly announced, but it would be impermissible to urge participants to agree on a common practice where firms or schools might well compete with one another. And it would always be impermissible, for instance, to discuss compensation levels, or to suggest or make agreements about compensation. We do not want to chill the conversation today, but if a matter is raised that is impermissible, we will intervene to shift the conversation to a different topic.
Mary Beal - NALP
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Cybele Smith
the landscape of career advising jobs is certainly different than it was when I joined the profession in 1998. Programming for those of us who career counsel students and working through their trauma is so appreciated. We are desperate to help, and obviously everyone’s well being is so important. Kudos to employers looking to support students in these complex times.
Marci Fulton
Do CDOs have implicit bias training resources that they are recommending to employers? Have you found ones that you're particularly pleased with in this context?
Kathryn Overberg
Marci we do not have training resources we recommend; however we did recently update our website with other employer resources to start the conversation on their own. https://www.drake.edu/law/careers/employers/diversityandinclusionresources/. Not perfect but a start.
Mary Beal - NALP
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Andrea Rayment
How would offering space work for students who may have 4-5 interviews in a day? Do we offer aq space just for our interview time?
Shannon Scott
This was excellent content. Thank you!
Melissa Lennon
This was SUPER helpful.
Eric Bono
Thanks so much to Jessica, the Well-being task force, Alison, Leah, Nicole and the NALP staff! This was great!
Mary Beal - NALP
Jon Krop will help you with your anxiety!
Beth Moeller
Great event. Thank you so much!
Kara Sutherland
Thanks so much - great conversation!