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Power Disruptions in Texas and California: Energy Price Shocks in Europe - Shared screen with gallery view
Arno Büx
Arseniy, there are no obligations for Gazprom to do so. Whether GP was unwilling or unable to do so is not established. Critics say GZP does not sell to drive up prices; one might also say that importers did not buy enough upfront ...
Thierry Bros
Theresa, we are so rich in Europe we don't do those kind of accountings.🤣
Ashutosh Shastri
This is indeed a very important question Theresa!
Arno Büx
Unfortunately I have a hard stop at 17h45. Cudos to Thierry for voicing what many energy professionals are quiet about. Valérie, Lou, thanks for setting this up. Ash and Trisha, thx for your excellent moderation.
Arash Duero
Thank you all for the fascinating discussion. I unfortuantely have to leave, but am already looking forward to the next event.
Trisha Curtis
Shameless plug but really good discussion on Russian gas to Europe and the energy transition https://petronerds.com/russian-energy-with-tatiana-mitrova/
Thierry Bros
Same for me https://institutdelors.eu/en/publications/high-energy-prices-russia-fights-back/
Trisha Curtis
Welcome any and all of you to come on the podcast and talk shop. Fantastic panelists. Thank you so much for the opportunity EPRINC and Lou. trisha@petronerds.com