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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Donna Crawford
Can we put a line to set aside funds to be reallocated second semester since we aren't sure what things will look like then?
Laura Gorman
If we have 19-20 expenditures then is that period March 13-June 30?
Donna Crawford
Yes, thank you
Donna Crawford
That is exactly what we are thinking about
Laura Gorman
I think until we get kids in school we don't know what the needs are going to be for students for the second semester
Laura Gorman
We need time to assess that need
Jane Frederick
I'm sorry, but I am confused why the grant award period begins May 7, 2020. The guidance says March 13, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
Jeremiah Johnson
Is it a fair assumption that our budget we submit now for ESSER can be revised at a later time that would provide districts flexibility if the budget is repriotized or needs arise during the year?
Jane Frederick
Okay. Thank you.
Beckie Anderson
Do you have an update on GEER funds?
Jennifer Austin
There are a few initiatives underway for GEER. Specifically are you wondering about the Quality Teacher Recruitment, Innovative or CEL funds?
Eddie Storz
In the lost learning time calc template is there a reason why row 36 defaults to 4.5 hrs, should we edit that field to be our actual fall hrs of instruction?