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ARPA: Overview, Procurement, and Compliance - Shared screen with speaker view
Kathy Neal
My town does not have town water and sewer systems. Can ARPA funds be used for wells/septic systems for town or school buildings?
Terry Narkewicz
Comcast has recently approached us about tapping into some of our funding. Seems like a bold request given that we are on the final mile of providing Broadband to all of residents
Ray Purington
Another infrastructure eligibility question, recognizing this is not the forum for legal advice: The vinyl tile flooring at our elementary school (both asbestos-containing and non asbestos vinyl tile) suffered accelerated failure of the mastic/glue during the first year of the pandemic. We believe the wild fluctuations in building environment (long periods of being closed, abnormal occupancy patterns, and major changes to ambient conditions/temperature/humidity in order to bring about recommended amounts of fresh air and air changes) directly contributed to the failure. We'd like to use ARPA funds for a flooring replacement project. Does this sound reasonable?
Ray Purington
So, if the State has a broader list of eligible ways to use funds, could a town transfer funds to the State for the State to use in that town?
Michael Frieber (MA OIG)
Pardon me, the state is bound by the same categories as listed. However, the state may use funds transferred to it by a municipality in municipalities other than the transferring municipality.
Geoff Kravitz
Thanks, all!
Michael Frieber (MA OIG)
Veronique Blanchard
Thank you!