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#Katrina15toRita15: Natural-Systems Climate Protection - The Role of our Coastal Wetlands in Mitigating Flood Risk - Shared screen with speaker view
Emma Collin, GCCLP (she/her)
Agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lCySMvHEIyPrUCJoLoGmVSD0kifsFCW4hRFeo2aFo4c/edit
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
Central Gulf Coast People’s Council
Katherine Egland
opposition to wetlands destruction for connector road in Gulfport
Katherine Egland
Arthur Johnson
Joe Womack- CHESS (Clean, Healthy, Educated sustainable and Safe).
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
Arthur Johnson is Chief Executive Officer at the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development.Email: ajohnson@sustainthenine.orgWebsite: http://sustainthenine.org/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sustainthenine/Twitter: https://twitter.com/SustainTheNine
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
Corey MillerEmail: coreym@crcl.orgWebsite: https://www.crcl.org/Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRCL1988Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CRCL1988/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1017124931/coalition-to-restore-coastal-louisiana/?hl=en
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
Corey leads CRCL’s Outreach and Engagement program, assisting residents of coastal Louisiana to become more informed, engaged, and prepared for the future of our changing coast
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
“Often the poorest people in New Orleans were pushed further and further away from the safest areas, further and further away from the Mississippi River.” - - Corey Miller, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (Twitter: @CRCL1988) #GulfSouth4GND #Katrina15toRita15
Robert Lloyd
I have another meeting, but than you for this, all - good work!
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
“We chopped up out coast to facilitate oil & gas productions, carving out channels that carried in the water that flooded our city during Hurricane Katrina.”- Corey Miller, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (Twitter: @CRCL1988) #GulfSouth4GND #Katrina15toRita15
Colette Pichon Battle (She)
Thank you, Robert. We'll send the video for you to finish later!
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
Kathy Egland chairs the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee for the National Board of Directors of NAACP. She is also co-founder of the Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization (EEECHO)Email: ktegland51@gmail.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/KatherineEglandFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Nonprofit-Organization/EEECHO-391349767730212/
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
“Wetlands are referred to as nature’s supermarket. They’re a source of a wide range of foods and traditional medicines… They’re gifts that keep on giving.” - Kathy Egland, EEECHO (Twitter: @KatherineEgland) #Katrina15toRita15 #GulfSouth4GND
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
“But the rich and powerful and privileged have found ways to circumvent the law and destroy our treasured wetlands.” - Kathy Egland, EEECHO (Twitter: @KatherineEgland) #Katrina15toRita15 #GulfSouth4GND
Frances Butler
Apologies for having to sign off now but thanks for the excellent and informative presentations and sending all solidarity from London to all communities protecting wetlands in Louisiana and Mississippi.
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
“I’m going to tell you - these industrial developments in Mississippi’s residential neighborhoods which are disproportionately impacting African American communities are synonymous with Jim Crow. There’s no way of getting around that.” - Kathy Egland, EEECHO (Twitter: @KatherineEgland) #Katrina15toRita15 #GulfSouth4GND
Michele Gielis
In gratitude and inspired…..see you soon.
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Michele Gielis
We thank YOU too..:)
Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Matthew Kennedy, GCCLP (He/They)
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Michele Gielis
Michele Gielis
Fantastic session, thank you!