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Clean Fuel Standard: Fueling Conversation - Shared screen with speaker view
Ashley Cruz
Welcome to “Clean Fuel Standard: Fueling Conversation”! Please switch your chat to "All panelists and attendees", introduce yourselves, and let us know where you're tuning in from!
Sánchez Carmona Arturo
Hi, Arturo Sanchez from Bioenergy Futures Laboratory at Cinvestav, Mexico
Gendron Maé-Li
Hello, Maé-Li Gendron from GARDN at Montreal, Canada.
Kevin Brown
Kevin from Victoria BC. Good morning!
Ashley Cruz
Welcome to everyone who is just joining us this morning! Please switch your chat to "All panelists and attendees", introduce yourselves, and let us know where you're tuning in from!
Lorne Petersen
Good morning, Lorne Petersen from Canary Biofuels, Calgary, AB
Jinwen Chen
Hi, Jinwen Chen from CanmetENERGY Devon, AB
Benjamin Israel
Good morning everyone, I am Ben Israel, with the Government of Northwest Territories, joining from Yellowknife.
Don Harfield
Don Harfield with AirTerra from Vegreville, AB
Ash Garga
Ash Garga from Alberta Energy
Simran Gharial
Hi, Simran Kaur from Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
Chris Olson
Chris Olson with IRSI/AWBIP from Edmonton, AB
Matt Dreis
Good Morning, Matt Dreis from the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Brendan Struthers
Good morning everyone - Brendan Struthers from the Sustainable Energy Development Graduate Program at the University of Calgary
Gord Crawford
Good Morning - Gord Crawford from Expander Energy, Calgary Alberta
Ralohn Hunt
Ralohn Hunt, Project Director at BC Bioenergy Network, Vancouver, BC.
Luis Virla
Hello! Luis Virla from Vorsana - Calgary, AB. Good morning everyone
vincent Marinotti
Hi! Vincent Marinotti , Account Manager Scion Instruments Canada, Montreal QC
Ashley Cruz
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Ashley Cruz
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Craig Werner
Craig Werner, Director Environment and Regulatory Affairs, Alberta Forest Products Association
Good Morning, everyone. I am Clarice Piloto, from GHG Accounting Services ltd., Vancouver, BC
Kevin Mack
Good morning. Kevin Mack with Federated Co-operatives Limited, Saskatoon, SK.
Blair McDermid
Good morning, Blair McDermid here, VP Business Development at BioRefinex.
Ashley Cruz
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Bora Plumptre
Good morning (afternoon for easterners). Bora Plumptre, Pembina Institute, Toronto. borap@pembina.org
Brent Wallin
Good Morning, Brent Wallin with Canuck Energy, Calgary
Parisa Chegounian
Good morning, Parisa Chegounian, Metro Vancouver
Jean-Christophe Amado
Hi everyone. This is J-C Amado from Ensyn in Ottawa, jcamado@ensyn.com
John Dicks
John from Halifax .. good morning or afternoon to everyone
Steve Price
Good morning everyone, I'm Steve Price from Expander Energy in Calgary
Chris Tindal
Hello all. Chris Tindal here from the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative (CAAFI).
Nannette Ho-Covernton
Good morning! Nan Ho-Covernton from Calgary, Sustainability Leader for Spartan Controls. Pleased to be part of this webinar!
Sara Elkady
Good morning everyone! Sara Elkady from GHD, Calgary, AB
Ashley Cruz
Thanks for the great questions coming in already! As a reminder, please use the Q&A box instead of the chat (it should be at the bottom of your screen beside the chat button). This will ensure that the questions don’t get lost in the chat, and you’re also able to upvote and comment on questions if you like!
Sheldon Fernandes
Good morning - Sheldon Fernandes from Brightspot Climate in Vancouver
Ashley Callister
Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining us today. To follow Lauren's Clarke's presentation, the contact for Environment and Climate Change Canada is ec.cfsncp.ec@canada.ca
Ashley Cruz
Thank you everyone for all your thoughtful questions! We apologize that we didn't have time to get to them all. We will do our best to have them answered by our panelists after the event and included in our follow-up!
David Bressler
Ready for your questions! Please feel free to start uploading questions for this great panel!
Doug Hooper
For Jane - in the first panel, we touched on refiners looking at coprocessing and/or stand-alone refining of biofuels. What's your assessment of how Canada
Doug Hooper
Canada's refining sector will respond to the CFS?
Doug Hooper
For Chris - in your introductory remarks, you mentioned a future amendment to support Sustainable Aviation Fuels. In the current design, we'll see SAF be eligible for credit generation for domestic or international flights (but, aviation fuel is not a regulated fuel). Are you proposing the inclusion of a debit creation for aviation fuel (currently not in the draft), or a stand-alone regulatory signal for SAF use? (or something else?)
John Dicks
Great program .. thank you to all of the exceptional panelists and great questions / inputs from fellow participants .. Cheers !!!
Ashley Cruz
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