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GiveBIG Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Morton
I can't unmute myself. šŸ™‚
Ian Thompson | he/him
I think we pay $60/ month for our online giving platform (Giving Fuel), which we got to allow donors to make monthly recurring gifts from their checking account. Would 501 Commons be a better value for us?
Jennifer Schlobohm
Hoping you can speak to how participants will receive donor information who give during GiveBIG. And how funds are transferred/deposited (is it one big lump ACH? )
Vikki Pynenburg
What different marcom campaigns is 501 Commons planning for our area of WA? Iā€™m struggling with understanding the growth potential that you see - why would a donor in e.g. Seattle donate to e.g. a school in Vancouver?
Corey Dobbs
Wagives.org says its fees for donations is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction, with a 3.6% for AMEX. why is it going up to 4.6% for this event?
Sean Brown
Does the region specific prize pool mean that our region would not be eligible for the statewide prize pool?
Monica Baker
In addition to our Vancouver location, we have a site in Tacoma, would both of these sites be able to participate in the May 2-3 giving days? Or is it limited to SW WA as before?
Corey Dobbs
missing the question. The fee is more than doubling from 2.2% to 4.6%
Jennifer Schlobohm
can Greg put his contact info in the chat?
Ian Thompson | he/him
For Give More 24, donors have to provide quite a bit of personal information in order to make the donation, which has resulting in some grumbling. And: does card number need to be entered manually, or is there any option for scanning, swiping etc? I am thinking of in-person events where we are asking folks to donate on a tablet that we are handing to them.
Sara Sloyer (she/her)
The 'personal information' collected is not any more than any other online donation.
Rylee Trapp
How easy is it for donors to discover nonprofits organically without any effort on the nonprofit's side? Is there a search function that groups nonprofits in specific categories? Is it region specific?
Corey Dobbs
Thanks for your time everyone. Looking forward to the followup email!
Sara Sloyer (she/her)
My nonprofit already participates in GiveBIG (we're statewide) and our Vancouver location used to participate in Give More 24 as well. Nothing is going to change for us, except that we'll be directing prior Give More 24 donors to GiveBIG, is that right?
Greg SCULLY, 501 Commons
Greg Scully, Greg@501Commons.org Phone 206.427.8575
Cindy Lopez Werth
When will recorded meeting be available?