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Outdoor Mapping - A Digital Transformation - Shared screen with gallery view
David Overton
Hi All from SplashMaps’, David and Ian
Nick Giles
Hi David! Hope you’re doing well
Donna De Marco
Please be sure to put questions for our speakers in the chat or be ready to “raise your hand” during the Q&A potion of today’s event.
David Overton
Is map gears working with the humanitarian agencies with this technology? Looks very useful :-)
Bridger DeVille
Question for Pierre Kurth: Is the mobile network coverage growing in the Australian outback? Does this affect digital map usage vs paper maps? That is to say, how are paper map sales going vs digital?
Bridger DeVille
Question for Nick Giles: What are the remaining challenges for augmented/virtual reality to become a viable way to deliver maps to the public for recreation use?
Angela Faeth
I’m interested in Bridger DeVille’s question also.
Mark Cygan
More on Ordnance Survey - The Next Chapter in National Mapping: Great Britain Moves to Mapping Changes https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/blog/great-britain-maps-change/
Eric Riback
What ways are these digital products and services being monetized - how are they packaged, distributed and sold to consumers?
Mark Cygan
Question to Nick Giles - How is OS continuing their digital transformation to keep the OS Maps up to date?
Mark Cygan
Question for Pierre - How do you incorporate your users sending in crowd source/VGI updates to your maps?
Dave McIlhagga
Nick & Pierre - are your customers only using paper, or only using mobile access? Or are you seeing users using both?
Mark Cygan
More on HEMA Maps - https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcuser/never-stop-exploring/ Never Stop Exploring
Pat Fitzgerald
For DanielThey say a mobile App is a young person tool.Have you seen any social media effectswith the trails going into a mobile App?
Mark Cygan
Question for all speakers: In what type of technology do you anticipate your customers needing your maps and apps in the future?
Kai-Ti Wu
Question to Nick, Pierre and Daniel - to which degree are your digital mapping services available for recreation related to social good / research / citizen science activities?
Jovita Chan
Are you finding that users are actually using the mobile apps on their trails or more often planning with the more detailed digital maps and then referring to the paper or cached digital data when on trails?
Angela Faeth
We sell paper maps and digital versions. Our Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument is a good example of users needing both a paper map and digital to be “found”. We stress users to know how to stay found before they head out. Do anyone of you stress this?
Jovita Chan
Has dark mode maps for mobile been explored for saving power or fighting screen glare on sunny days?
Angela Faeth
Users need to now how to read a map.
David Overton
You know, fabric is a much better medium than paper for maps these days :-)
Kai-Ti Wu
Thank you
Jovita Chan
@David bonus points of it the fabric map doubles as a handkerchief or picnic cloth
Jovita Chan
Thank you that makes sense. Also big thumbs up for accessibility (:
Stephen Johnson
FYI, dark mode will save battery life if you have an OLED screen. It does not save battery life on LCD screens.
David Overton
Thanks Neil :-)