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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Gunther
Lost the powerpoint
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
E&E Conference Website: https://www.cde.state.co.us/equityandexcellence
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/equity-and-excellence-summer-learning-series-tickets-153040453115
Jennifer Freund
So is this FQA for just ESSER I and GEER?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
USDE FAQs: https://oese.ed.gov/files/2021/05/ESSER.GEER_.FAQs_5.26.21_745AM_FINALb0cd6833f6f46e03ba2d97d30aff953260028045f9ef3b18ea602db4b32b1d99.pdf
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
Great job everyone!!
Josh Devon
does substantial approval just apply to LEAs or does it apply to charters authorized by a LEA?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
Request for Funds Form: https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdefisgrant/requestforfundsforms
Mary Vigil
We received an email informing us we had final approval on our ESSER III application and would be receiving a grant award letter. Is this correct? Have some ESSER III applications been given final approval?
Joanne Vergunst
how will we know when the ESSER RFF is being processed?
Joanne Vergunst
so how long should we wait before we contact CDE?
CDE - Steven Kaleda
Joanne - if you don't receive funds by the end of the month, I would follow up with Grants Fiscal - either myself, Robert or Joe Shields
Marcie Robidart
We received substantial approval with a note that our construction activity would need to be reviewed and approved by the CDE. Will that happen prior to our full submission of activities, or not reviewed until all of our proposed activities have been submitted?
CDE - Steven Kaleda
Also if you submit an RFF without final approval, the request gets deleted from the system. The district/BOCES/AU would need to resubmit again once they have final approval
Becky Allan
Can we please talk more about the LEA plan and the requirements for this?
Christine Kennedy
If we still do not have access to the application even though we are set up to have access when can we expect that to be fixed
Mandi Birge
How do we access the $7,697,837 allotted to provide supports and services to special education students?
CDE - Steven Kaleda
Mandi - same way, use the RFF link in the slide. AU's have a different formsite link
Cathy Watts
What's the estimated turn around time for prior written approval?
Janice Martin
just to confirm , we need to have the full budget plan in 90 days from May 23rd? or is it the public return to school plan?
Marlene Brown
How do we show on the bids for construction that we receive have met the requirements for Davis Bacon salary?
CDE Tammy Giessinger
Hi, all! When you are asking questions about the completion of reviews, please include your district name. This will help us make sure that we can connect your question to your lead reviewer. Thank you!
Lori Herbaugh
Our ESSER I application received final approval. Now I have submitted changes that have not yet been approved. Can I submit for reimbursement for the total that was previously approved?
Marlene Brown
Thank you
Lori Herbaugh
Thank you!
Shiela Moore
How do you pay Davis Bacon wages if District Staff is performing the facility upgrades?
Joanne Vergunst
We are charging Summer School Personnel to ESSER II. Since these duties are in addition to their regular salaries, what is required for T&E?
Laura Gorman
When you say split funded -- if you have a counselor that is .5 Gen Fund & .5 ESSER -- because it's a single cost objective (counselor 100%), don't you just do the single cost objective T&E -- basically saying they are spending 100% of their time as a counselor regardless of funding source? These are the examples that were given with CRF
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Joanne Duties in addition to a regular salary would usually fall under stipends. You can show T&E by timesheets if they are being paid hourly or a supplemental contract for a stipend that notes their pay for the services they are providing for a given number of days/hours
DeLilah Collins
@Shiela Moore the Davis Bacon Act applies to contractors and subcontractors performing on federally funded or assisted contracts in excess of $2000. Your district staff would not be considered contractors.
CDE - Steven Kaleda
Yes Laura - this would still be a single cost objective since the job duties didn't change. You would still indicate the funding sources on the Time and Effort though
La Veta Jim Moore
some application placeholder examples would be helpful to avoid time spent perhaps having to fix what we insert
La Veta Jim Moore
Ah, well thanks!
Laura Gorman
Can we have place holder for 21-22 activities in ESSER 3 -- e.g. we have 20-21 & 21-22 activities that we are certain of and want to submit this June, but we want to wait on a portion of the funding for evidenced based interventions to be determined after we get more student data in late summer/early fall. So does the same apply that we could get approval on everything else, except that one line item -- which would be 21-22 activities? I understand the reimbursement part, but want to be sure if I put a 21-22 placeholder in I don't have an issue with other 20-21 & 21-22 items as we are concerned with 20-21 activities like summer school in June that is in our ESSER 3 application and activities that are early in 21-22.
Joanne Vergunst
Thank you for adding flexibility for placeholder line items!
Jeremiah Johnson
Will charter schools have to have their own stakeholder engagement plans?
Laura Gorman
If we had to wait on stakeholder full engagement later in summer then we couldn't do summer school this year in June/July in our application -- that would seem like going against intent of funds -- not asking for you to answer just the thought -- appreciate all you are doing on this -- I think most of us got feedback in some way from stakeholders if we are doing summer school, but maybe not level you are going to talk
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
If it's helpful, here are the PAR guidelines from ConsApp: https://www.cde.state.co.us/fedprograms/par2018-19
Christina Easton
We are working to collect the student data for each mode of instruction as requested in the IFR, due to you prior to June 21, 2021. Is this the actual due date? Is any additional information known about this?
Theresa Martinez
Do we need GEPA statement on job postings?
Christina Easton
Okay great. Thank you!
Erin Christiansen
From Jeremiah earlier: Will charter schools have to have their own stakeholder engagement plans?
DeAnn Arellano
Thank you.
CCSD- Teresa Cummins
Thank you!
Theresa Martinez
For the interventionist that we are paying with federal funds
Angie Seeley
Thank you
Theresa Martinez
Perfect thank you
Erin Christiansen
Thank you!!