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AMSPDC Research Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Satlin
Please, everyone, join in the Q&A! You can raise you hand in the chat room?
Maria Rueda
how have you handled career advancement and job searching as a physician scientist couple? specially with both being at the same level of training.
Nicholas Puoplo
Both of you are physician scientists in heavily demanding procedural specialties. I am a second year resident interested in neonatology with a focus in basic science research. How do you both balance maintaining proficiency in the hands-on skills needed while having at least 75% non-clinical time?
Sallie Permar
Do you flip-flop who drives a career decision that will require a move through the years? Or not be that prescriptive about it? (Asking as someone who just made a career decision to move me and my family to NYC!)
Nicholas Puoplo
Thank you so much!
Martin Grana
For Dr. Panos, how difficult and common is to get a job with significant protected research time after fellowship as a neonatologist?
Maria Rueda
I am an ID fellow on a J1 visa, and will have to do a waiver, which could also entail heavy clinical work without much opportunity for protected research time. How to you bounce back after completing your waiver into being an attractive candidate for NIH funding?
Maria Rueda
Thank you!
Martin Grana
Thank you!
Carl Pierce
Thank you from the Einstein MSTPs on the call
Martin Grana
Thank you Dr. Ioannis and Dr. Panos!!
Felix Richter
Thank you so much!!