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Power of the Purse: Contributions of Hispanic Texans - Speaker view
New American Economy
Power of the Purse: Contributions of Hispanic Americans in Texas: https://research.newamericaneconomy.org/report/power-of-the-purse-contributions-of-hispanic-texans/
New American Economy
The Economic Contributions of Hispanic Americans (national): https://research.newamericaneconomy.org/report/hispanic-spending-power-2021/
Gabriel Rodriguez
Do you have any updated information on the average wealth of Latino households versus non-Latinos? In 2010 the St. Louis fed found Average wealth per Latino household is only 108,871 compared to 543,702 for non-Latinos. If we do not have wealth, families cannot grow long-term
Gabriel Rodriguez
Cindy Ramos-Davidson
We are the initial thread of the fabric of America. eVERY 30 SECONDS A LATINA TURNS 18 as we are a younger population. We have an impact in every aspect of helping build America. 500 years of Hispanic influence and Hispanices from 23 different countries of origin. Art, history, culture...challenge is we don't raise our collective voice as loud as we should and OUR TIME IS NOW !!!
Rafael Bejar
What are some of the policy challenges or obstacles that y'all see on the federal or state level that hinder further growth?
Cindy Ramos-Davidson
However, there was a lot that weren't accessible due to being in rural areas and less access to broadband. A real struggle small mom and pop Hispanic businesses as well many were women and heads of households. As you know capital access is still a uphill battle for many Hispanic businesses at all stage levels of business from conventional lenders.
Gonzalo Garcia
What is the email address to the recordings that. Dr. Wolff was referring to regarding the SA Chamber information?
Dr. Sandi Wolff
www.sahcc.org I will add those recorded webinars we have today. Thanks for asking!
Cindy Ramos-Davidson
We need to share our voice each time we are at the table with strong data to share the impact and economic influence to make change in the workplace, the political arena and the world..we need to not just get a seat at the table we need to Own that table !
Anette Landeros
Agreed Cindy!
Cindy Ramos-Davidson
Thank you everyone. Nice conversation. Thank you New American for the great insight and data collection. We will raise our voice and use the date. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !
Andy Martinez
What percentage of the members in TAB are Hispanic owned businesses? A great way to get this info into the mainsteam is for more Hispanics to be a member of a Hispanic Chamber and mainstream organizations like TAB.
Justin Yancy
Great discussion. Thanks!
Anette Landeros
Andy, here in Fort Worth 60%. And agree we will continue our outreach to hopefully welcome more and more Hispanic business owners to the table.
New American Economy
Anette Landeros
Thank you everyone!