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FloodWise Communities: Informational Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Jason Martinez
Small, rural, 3, budget availability
Mitchell Austin
small, Charlotte Harbor, 2+ tidal street flood events annually, Sea Level Rise
Jenna Jorns
Thank you all for sharing!
Jenna Jorns
Jennifer, yes, Teal will cover this. We can answer any question not covered in the slides at the end.
Jenna Jorns
We’re defining small and medium for populations between 5-200,000.
Jay Wimhurst
Jennifer, downscaled means that the climate data used to prepare the climate profiles are specific to your specific city or county. The data are tailored to your community, rather than being for a larger region.
Mark Shafer
Even the most powerful computers cannot run climate models at a town-by-town resolution, so they have to do calculations for larger areas. But there are techniques that can match these regional patterns to local historical climate and then use those relationships to get a more localized perspective than what comes from the Global Climate Models.
Jenna Jorns
You are very welcome!