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AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Rich Parenteau
Hi, I would like to discuss reducing transportation emissions to improve EJ.
Rich Parenteau
Specifically commercial vehicles like medium and heavy trucks
INTERPRETE Reyna Rodriguez, Linguistica
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INTERPRETE Reyna Rodriguez, Linguistica
Simultaneous interpreting will be available throughout the meeting. If you are monolingual English Only, you will need to select the interpretation icon and select English. You will not be able to hear Spanish to English unless you are in a channel.
Rey León
Yvonne Martinez Watson (She/Her)
Thank you Dillon!
Dillon Delvo - EJAC
Sorry, I forgot to mention my pronouns are he/him.
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP
Thanks, Dillon!
Andrew Meredith
On behalf of the State Building & Construction Trades Council of California, we’d like to thank CARB Board Members for their clear direction regarding the inclusion of a Labor representative on the EJAC. We strongly believe the voice of Labor is a crucial component of developing the Scoping Plan. With nearly half a million members throughout the state, including roughly 70,000 registered apprentices, the health of our communities is a tremendous issue for our organization. Over 70% of our apprentices identify as people of color, so we are truly sympathetic to the impacts of climate change on communities of color. We are hopeful that the new EJAC members will embrace the inclusion of Labor’s voice on this committee, as it will truly provide an important perspective to this discussion.
Rich Parenteau
Welcome Andrew Meredith, Trades are important to getting the carbon out :-)
Kevin Hamilton, RRT (he, him, his)
Kevin Hamilton from CCAC has joined the meeting.
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP
Welcome Kevin! We'll turn to you after Paulina Torres.
Rey León - EJAC
Forgot to mention that I am Executive Director of The LEAP Institute. theleapinstitute.org :)
Andrew Meredith
Thank you, Ray
Rey León - EJAC
The value of squeaky wheel is that it gets attention! :)
Thomas Helme - EJAC
Sorry I forgot- he/him/his
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP (she/her)
Thanks., Tom!
Neena (they/she) - CEJA - EJAC
Thanks Mari Rose!
Veronica Eady (she/her)
Thank you Chanell!!!
Christal Lazard-CARB
yay Veronica!!
Veronica Eady (she/her)
Thank you Chanell!! That's so sweet. I have your back, and EJAC's as well. Call on me for anything!
Jennifer Dhillon
My name is Jennifer Dhillon and I’m a former EJ attorney who now works in low income, and historically oppressed communities addressing the effects of trauma and building resilience (Bounce Back Generation). In working with our communities there are several issues that have come up that are EJ issues and I have noted how difficult it is for members of our communities to focus on environmental issues because of the trauma they are consistently addressing. I see how trauma affects public participation, and how it is not considered as an essential cause of some of the historical trauma (e.g. a public housing resident living near polluting industries is now dealing with asthma for themselves, their child, which creates a host of barriers to participation). I have been out of the loop in the EJ world so I don’t know how historical, generational, systemic trauma is being considered as a factor to be addressed, mitigated, or repaired (reparations). I’d love to share in any way possible in this conversation. Thanks.
Rey León - EJAC
Thanks for sharing Jennifer!
Jennifer Dhillon
Thank you, Rey!
Yvonne Martinez Watson (She/Her)
YES! Thank you Chanell for naming the truth of environmental racism in environmental justice!
Connie Cho - EJAC
Thank you so much for naming that environmental justice is about addressing environmental racism!
Kim Springer - C/CAG
There is a real issue with data privacy and access to data to understand program outcomes to help our communities. Californians use electricity, natural gas, water, but those resources aren't generated, drilled for or fracked, or don't fall, respectively, on the sites these resources are used. Why is customer use of these shared resources, generated from sites where communities are exposed to the emissions, private at all? Data access, especially for energy, because of the State's 15/15 rules, has gotten so bad that cites can't even develop GHG emission inventories. Is there a kinship in the EJ community on this issue? I'm interested in your feedback on this issue. You can email me at kspringer@smcgov.org.
Hector De La Torre
Ellen,When will the decision be made on stipend
Yvonne Martinez Watson (She/Her)
Will the presentation be available to view after this meeting?
Trish Johnson
The presentation is available here: https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/ab-32-environmental-justice-advisory-committee-meeting-june-4-2021
Gary Hughes - Biofuelwatch
Our organization Biofuelwatch requests that the EJAC is supported to take a hard look at the assumptions in the entire frame of ‘carbon neutrality.’ Carbon neutrality targets are often not as ambitious as they sound, relying on problematic carbon offsets and unproven and dangerous technologies — 10 myths about net zero targets and carbon offsetting, busted — https://www.climatechangenews.com/2020/12/11/10-myths-net-zero-targets-carbon-offsetting-busted/
Sandra Berg
Thank you for your direction, great introductions and discussion. I look forward to participating. I’m signing off. Have a great weekend. Sandy Berg
Rich Parenteau
What meeting(s) can I participate in to advocate foradding to the scoping plan an imitative for reducing transportation emissions to improve EJ ? Specifically building zero emission infrastructure for commercial vehicles like medium and heavy trucks fRichard Parenteauadvocate@no-carbon.net
Martha Dina Arguello- PSR-LA - EJAC
While there is nothing in writing I would imagine date is being looked at, models are being used and this is key information for EJAC to have now
Connie Cho - EJAC
I echo that concern about the workshops, Paulina!
Amy D Kyle
One point I would add to this discussion is that there are aspects of the technical work that have created barriers to considering EJ and equity in past scoping plans. This includes both aspects of the models and aspects of data that are being used and how well they represent conditions in EJ communities. Some of this is structural and may need to be changed or supplemented with different approaches.
Matt Holmes (he/him/his) Little Manila Rising
+++ Amy D. Kyle There's no reliably granular data in anyone's plan to accurately describe pollution in the Northern San Joaquin Valley..... Outside of the mortality data.
Kevin Hamilton, RRT (he, him, his) - EJAC
Well said Amy.
Connie Cho - EJAC
(Is this chat a part of the record? Just on behalf of the commenters, maybe we should clarify.)
They said that at the beginning I believe
Connie Cho - EJAC
(Thank you Dan, I apologize that I missed that detail!)
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP (she/her)
Connie, thanks for asking that clarifying question. CARB EJ staff will be reviewing the comments carefully, so yes the chat will be downloaded and reviewed, if that meets your definition of "the record."
Patrisha (Pat) Piras
Connie & All — Anyone can “save” the Chat for themselves, by clicking on the 3 little dots at the bottom, to the right of the “File” icon.
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP (she/her)
Thanks Pat for that helpful info for folks.
Rich Parenteau
Kevin's comments are on the mark, The Scoping Plan needs to plan actual "on the ground" actions and describe the specific timing of pollution improvements in the impacted locations. Carbon off-sets are helpful overall, but do not seem to make a difference in the specific EJ areas. ZEV and related infrastructure need to happen in the EJ areas as a priority.
Rich Parenteau
Chanel is correct to conclude that EJAC needs to move faster in order to be a player in next week's meetings and beyond. Move faster and don't spin the wheels.
Yvonne Martinez Watson (She/Her)
For the record, please add the explanation of ISD into the chat for people who are having troubling hearing the presentation.
Jonathan Pruitt (Catholic Charities)
Thank you Yvonne for highlighting that
Trish Johnson
Catherine Garoupa White, they/she - EJAC
ISD = Industrial Strategies Division
Jim Kennedy, E.D., Healthy Air Alliance
@NeenaMohan-CEJA: I would like to echo her last points about reframing the approach and lead with equity. All the goals referenced today are in the distant future: 2030, 2045, and beyond. The studies done to meet these goals start from those dates and reverse engineer solutions. These models have the potential of not putting enough importance on the health benefits of doing more sooner. My hope is that EJAC actions start today and go forward. Looking at what is possible every day to maximize toxic air pollution reductions that have been having disproportional health impacts. This scoping plan should be about what is now technologically feasible to protect health. Thanks! Jim Kennedy, Healthy Air Alliance, Jim@healthyairalliance.org
Connie Cho - EJAC
Please let us know if it would be helpful to suggest EJ experts that we could recommend to be a part of each workshop next week to integrate EJ rather than silo-ing it? Of course, contingent on the availability of our colleagues.
Chanell Fletcher
Yes that would be helpful Connie!
Ariel Ambruster - Facilitator, CCP (she/her)
Jim, thanks for sharing your concerns and priorities, and underlining Neena's thoughts.
Amy D Kyle
Ariel I will yield my slot since you are running out of time but would just say that I think major models are already completed. EMFAC was published in April for example. I am not aware of any plan to devise an equity based model to use as a counter point to the economic model but might be worth posing. Also a meta discussion of what the decision criteria for selecting strategies for the scoping plan seems like it would be something to address right away so that any foundational work to support that could get done.
Neena (they/she) - CEJA - EJAC
Andrew Meredith
Question: the intent of CARB Board Members in creating the ‘Labor’ seat on EJAC seemed to be geared towards providing a voice representing workers in CA. With that in mind, it seems pointless to consider residence address as a requirement
Julia May, CBE, she/they
Conflict of Interest has been a problem in many state committees. CARB needs to ensure that the EJAC is actually made up of EJ.
Martha Dina Arguello- PSR-LA - EJAC
Neena (they/she) - CEJA - EJAC
Yes Paulina! The EJAC is meant to be comprised of EJ- not other general constituencies.
Sharifa Taylor (she/they) EJAC
Agreed Paulina. Thanks for uplifting this concern.
Andrew Meredith
CARB directed the addition of a Labor seat. EJAC doesn’t seem to have the ability to deviate from that directive.
Matt Holmes (he/him/his) Little Manila Rising
+++ Paulina. Until labor supports the just transition strategies that will increase labor security we have to confront the history of subverting long term public health strategies in favor of short term earnings.
Dillon Delvo - EJAC
Thanks Paulina
Julia May, CBE, she/they
+++Paulina. Also, CARB Board did not suggest that the EJAC should include labor members that are in conflict with AB32 requirements.
Catherine Garoupa White, they/she - EJAC
I share concerns about a “labor” seat on the EJAC as it is currently described. I also want to recognize that “labor” is a broad term and I’m not clear how it’s been used here.
Catherine Garoupa White, they/she - EJAC
Thanks for those details and look forward to future clarifications as the process to add more members moves forward.
Andrew Meredith
The ‘Labor’ seat should be recommended by the California Labor Federation and/or the California Building & Construction Trades Council
luis olmedo
agree with Rey. better articulated.
Patrisha (Pat) Piras
There are A LOT of workers who are not in the building trades!!
Andrew Meredith
Agreed. The California Labor Federation covers ALL unionized workers, not just the Building Trades.
Rich Parenteau
Julia May: Excellent points.
Trish Johnson
CA State EJ definition is section 65040.12e: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=GOV&sectionNum=65040.12.
Andrew Meredith
There was clear board direction to create a Labor seat.
Connie Cho - EJAC
Thank you for that emphasis on statutory requirements, Roger. I also appreciate Paulina’s earlier articulation, and agree with her as well as Julia. At CBE, we work with (and support) workers, union members, unions, and coalitions of unions with members in Disadvantaged Communities with the highest pollution burdens that are rooted in environmental justice, but understand that there’s a great deal of difference on environmental issues and certainly environmental justice for DACs within/among unions/coalitions.
Connie Cho - EJAC
Thank you for your diligence, Trish!
Apologies for the delay: Industrial Strategies Division is the Division within CARB that, among other things, leads the technical development of the Scoping Plan.
Estella Kessler
Why bother increasing the committee if around has to think a like
Andrew Meredith
Very good point Estella
Trish Johnson
chanell.fletcher@arb.ca.gov, trish.johnson@arb.ca.gov
Matt Holmes (he/him/his) Little Manila Rising
Strong work today folks. History never leaves us easy conversations. But this was a good start. Thank you. Chanell & Trish (et. al.) for curating the EJ voices we heard today.
Neena (they/she) - CEJA - EJAC
Thanks everyone!
Catherine Garoupa White, they/she - EJAC
Liane Randolph
Thank you everyone!
Paulina Torres - EJAC
Thanks, everyone!
Trish Johnson
Thank you everyone for your time!
Dillon Delvo - EJAC
Dan Woo, CDPH (he/his)
Great job!