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Chatty Cafe / Neighbourhood Houses Victoria Information Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Tony (Winchelsea CommHouse)
Kerrily (Kez) Jennings
I'd like try incorporating this into our Community Lunch at different times across the year too
Woodend NH
Love that idea Kez.
Kim Norden - Highett & Hampton Community Centres
We run Chatty Cafe after a walk and prior to our Community Lunch each week - works very well!
Woodend NH
Have you tried providing a virtual opportunity as a drop in space via Zoom during lockdown?
Kim Norden - Highett & Hampton Community Centres
Glenys has arranged a Zoom Chatty Cafe for people who attend Hampton / Highett but the turn out has not been very large. We know the people who attend are not particularly engaged with technology. We did a ring around and are also considering some tech sessions when we are able to re-open.
Melanie Tighe
Yes to Zoom on lockdown - not as successful :(
Kim Reilly
At the Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre, we have a Café Culture project that has an eco dev component for local cafes - we have small facilitated groups meet to chat at a and to do a small art project or to talk photography. We advertise the sessions with a 'theme' for like minded people to connect. We have moved a number of the sessions going online and it has been really well attended. Once that project finishes, we are looking to move to the Chatty Café program so we can engage more volunteers to connect with more community members.
Kate Knight
another benefit is watching friendships develop and being taken beyond the house
Kirsten - Kingston City Council
Do you have COVID Safe resources for the volunteers?
Shima/Alamein NLC
And you probably going to get discounts or feel like they are building community capacity too.
Shima/Alamein NLC
Can one NH with one subscription use it at a number of venues or pop ups?
Marie - Wellsprings for Women
Who would register for the Chatty Community? Individuals or Community Houses etc?
Kerry LGNC
Thanks! That's been great.
Kim Greenstone
Such a great concept, thanks you for sharing!
Tony (Winchelsea CommHouse)
Thanks all, good info. Reckon we might go for it at Winch House!
Thank you. This sounds like a great initiative and I will pass this info on to my local neighbourhood house. (where I work simply as the book keeper) But will appreciate any info that can be sent so I can pass on toour house coordinator.
Tania Jorquera (WFNH)
Thanks for that information! Fantastic concept!