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Levine Lecture with David Oshinsky - Shared screen with speaker view
Melanie Aron
In the end they did not rename the Feinstein or Sutro names.
Jan Rose
They shouldn't have renamed any of them. I am sick to death of Cancel Culture. It is our history and it doesn't get erased by renaming schools or tearing down statues.
Diane Fisher
Renaming Peter Burnett School to Ohlone School was a good community process.
Melanie Aron
Thinking about Arthur Schlesinger, do you feel today that the threat from a committee in SF changing the names of schools is at the same level to our democracy as 75% of Republicans believing that the election was illegitimate and the raid on Congress on January 6th?
Buff Levine
I heard a podcast recently that argued that conservatives and liberals agree on health care, climate change and government social benefits so we are not so divided
Denise & Kevin Pringle
I was under the impression that poorly researched articles was behind at least some of the terminations at the NY Times.
Diane Fisher
Isn't a component of the current political intensity a racial reckoning that is by necessity going to be very messy?
Buff Levine
ld it help if libel laws applied to the internet to stop the spread of lies?
Rich & Carol Zbriger
Do you think the Republicans in Congress/Senate will ever work for the benefits of their constituents and not just oppose everything the Democrats try to do?
Steve Riter
A consequence of the belief by a majority of Republicans that the election was stolen is the move toward voter suppression. In Arizona where I live Republicans are talking about not everyone being allowed to vote. How do you see the growth in the voter suppression movement and its likely hood of success?
Rabbi Ted Riter
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Rebecca Jedel
And will Democrats be willing to do the same thing - actually reach across the aisle to work with republicans in a cooperative manner with the recognize that there is almost half the country that is disillusioned and hurting
Janet Cleaveland
Washington and Oregon have had vote-by-mail for 20 years. I can’t imagine going to the polls again. It works, and people are confident that things are fair.
Tom & Danice Picraux
As a historian did it worry you that in the 2016 election the USA elected a person who did not understand or know any history? How coupled was this fact to his believe that his opinion was the only one that mattered on an issue?
Diane Fisher
Division within the Jewish community over racial justice is similar to the larger community.
Kristin Gustavson
Not only did he not know history, but he also didn't know anything about the government and how it functions
Steve Riter
You mentioned the possibility of new parties but historically new parties haven't worked. What is the possibility of any new party or any existing party capturing the middle? How might it happen?
marshall levine
Is cancellation of the Muppets and Dr. Seuss akin to book burning?
Melanie Aron
I believe it was just 2 of many DR Seuss books and not his entire collection. Also if we look at these, they are dated in a way that we would not want to share unedited with another generation.
Fred Gutmann
Single seat electoral system doesn't support a third party.
Lyudmila Oyzboyd
Is silent revolution going on?
You just mentioned you academic interests. Any comments about the cancel culture gaining ascendency on the college campuses?
Steve Riter
Doesn't Trump's lack of government experience explain why he could strong arm the success of the vaccine but was not interested in organizing their distribution?
Denise & Kevin Pringle
I often think the “culture wars” are purposeful red herrings to distract from true policy issues. What do you think of the Republican attempt (i.e. Kevin McCarthy) to turn the conversation to the immigration issues at the Southern border in reaction to the successful passing of the stimulus package?
Fred Gutmann
Biden about more than compassion. He polititizes pandemic legislation as progressive.
Itzhak Nir
Trump’s approach to the Middle-east resulted with the Abraham accord. Do you see the Biden administration leveraging this approach and focusing on widening normalization in the middle-east?
gretchen & bruce preville
Please address beliefs versus facts as the foundation of one’s view of reality.
Melanie Aron
What a great program- that you to our guest speaker and to the Levines. Unfortunately I have an 11 am commitment.
Victor Hugo said there is nothing more powerful than an idea that’s time has come. Racism in the US is changing. We see it reflected in our television commercials showing. There are many more commercials showing people of color, interracial marriages and people of color driving fancy cars. We are faced with the idea that we are all humans and equal. Part of what we are seeing is a push back to this.
Denise & Kevin Pringle
Wonderful presentation, thank you for sharing with us.
Any comments on the likelihood for “packing” the Supreme Court?
Susan Denniston
Thank you so much for both of your presentations!