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Institute for Medicaid Innovation’s 2020 Annual Medicaid MCO Survey Report Release - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelli DePriest
You can find the newly released report, Medicaid Access and Coverage in 2019, here: https://www.medicaidinnovation.org/_images/content/2020-IMI-Medicaid_MCO_Survey-Report.pdf
Kelli DePriest
For more information about this year’s annual Medicaid MCO survey report, follow this link: https://www.medicaidinnovation.org/news/item/imi-releases-2020-annual-medicaid-mco-survey-report
Kelli DePriest
For more information on volunteering to serve on a survey revision workgroup, follow this link: https://www.medicaidinnovation.org/_images/content/IMI-2020-OVERVIEW-SurveyRevisionWorkgroups.pdf