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"The Making of 'Surveyor of the Soul'" - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Frederick
"The Making of 'Surveyor of the Soul'" sponsored by The Thoreau Society and Films by Huey with interviewer Huey and guest speakers: Huey, Matthew Schlein, Laura Dassow Walls, and Sandra Harbert Petrulionis
Michael Frederick
To view the film at anytime, go to vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thoreau. Note to view this film you must establish a free Vimeo account. We recommend watching the film, Sunday evening at 7 pm. There is a $3 fee (50% off). Enter promo code: thoreau
Michael Frederick
Webinar Books and DVD: https://bit.ly/3haEMfw
Bob Young
Matt, can students attend in consecutive years, and if so, is there a limit to how many sessions?
Michael Frederick
Text your questions to chat for the presenters.
Jayne Gordon
What aspects of Thoreau's life and legacy would each of the four of you like to investigate next?
Gordon Andersson
Laura Walls: Can you talk about the painting of Katahdin on your wall?
Michael Frederick
From Matt Schlein to Mahmoud Hamed, All Panelists: 04:45 PMStudents can do Walden for up to 3 years. Most will do it for two years.
Mark Howenstein
Matt: Do you think that Thoreau would have thrived as an educator at your school?
Matt Schlein
I do. I think I would be out of a job.
Matt Schlein
It has been a challenge. A huge contradiction at the heart of what we do. How do we translate a nature embedded experience into the virtual world.
Mark Howenstein
All of you seem to be discussing in part the challenges of confronting uncertainty and vulnerability—whether it be in cultivating authenticity of self, addressing the injustices of the world or navigating the complex interdependencies of our world. What specific nuggets of wisdom do you draw from HDT in this regard?
Michael Frederick
Jayne Gordon
Great, brilliant discussion, you all, to end this great weekend!
Matt Schlein
Mosse indian
Mark Howenstein
Two of Thoreau’s central motifs are those of the Wild and Higher Law which inform his two greatest essays. What do you see as the essential interrelation between the two?
Mark Howenstein
Thank you for an excellent session. I look forward to seeing the film later this evening.