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Virtual tour of Cedar River floodplain restoration projects - Shared screen with speaker view
Zach Hall - Rep. Lisa Callan
Question - Who sets that floodplain goal?
Layne Slone, Dept. of Ecology
Were the water quality improvements measured or analyzed?
Layne Slone, Dept. of Ecology
Great, thank you.
Eleanor Trenary - Congresswoman Schrier
Sorry I have to hop off early, but thank you for sharing this presentation!
Mark Phillips
Is there still any flood risk for the homes on the right bank?
Sarah McCarthy, King County
Mark, we will be doing hydraulic modeling with the new conditions to assess flood risk on the right bank and outside of the project area. We anticipate that the flood risk will be lowered compared to the pre-project condition.
Zach Hall - Rep. Lisa Callan
Thank you everyone! Apologies, but I have to hop off now. Very informative! I'm sure Rep. Callan will have a few follow-up questions, so I'll follow up with Jason at a later time.