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Kimberly Weller's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with gallery view
Kristen Greenaway
CBMM recorded 6.5ft for Isabel.
Shawn Norton
What about storm surge estimates for vulnerable areas. This can be significantly higher than high tides.
Shawn Norton
Also, what are the effects and estimates for coastal erosion that is resultant from increased intensity and frequency of storms.
Kristen Greenaway
Cisterns are compulsory in NZ on all new and renovated private housing.
Shawn Norton
Recommend that the consultant develop a list (by vulnerable area) of "hard" vs. "soft" resiliency strategies... along with a prioritized approach by year and the return on investment for each strategy.
Shawn Norton
What is the cost differential between a 3and 4 feet design standard? Probably worth doing the hard work now and not have to re-build if we under estimate. We should be looking at 4 feet minimally.
Shawn Norton
The town must develop a statement of their objectives for this work. Is it to protect everything; what is irreplaceable, what must be done to provide for our current and future levels of tourism and for resident needs.
This is Justin Nonemaker. My company is the owner of the properties occupied by Foxy’s, St Michaels Crab and Steakhouse, as well as the St Michaels Marina. I have to sign off at 5pm, so I just wanted to share the following: First, I want to say I am thrilled to see this proactive approach by the Town. Second, I hope the Town knows I am willing to be a resource and volunteer time necessary to help with this project. Third, to make the Town aware, we have significant long term plans at the marina and Crab and Steakhouse property to elevate our businesses to ensure long term viability to this critical St Michaels infrastructure. As the Town knows, we are relocating the marina oil tanks OUT of the flood plain this March which is a $400,000 project. This is the first phase of a significant long term capital expenditure. We would love to coordinate our future projects with the Town as we will likely have cost efficiencies that will benefit both parties.
Shawn Norton
Its all about SLR and flooding from storm surge right now. But coastal erosion is increasing in pace significantly!