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Virtual Field Trip: Non-lethal Beaver Conflict Resolution - Shared screen with gallery view
Lily Haines
or more information about Mike’s work visitwww.BeaverInstitute.org.
Michael Callahan
Sedimentation: When I started doing this work I was concerned about silting and sedimentation becoming an issue over time. Fortunately it is not an issue for these devices. Pipes and their intake fences do not fill up with sediment. I think it is because there is always a gentle movement of water through the pipe and around the intake fence.
Lily Haines
For more information about non-lethal conflict resolution with beaver in the Clark Fork Watershed visit: https://clarkfork.org/our-work/what-we-do/restore-the-best/beaver-conflict-mitigation
Lily Haines
For more information about the Defenders of Wildlife beaver conflict resolution program in Colorado: https://defenders.org/bothersome-beaver