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Small Grants Training Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Janet Bonet
Good morning. I am Janet Bonet with Spring Lake Park Team in Omaha, Nebraska.
Christine Graziano
Hi! Is funding of air quality monitoring equipment falling under environmental testing?
Jill Slain
Quick question on eligibility, if you are a local chapter of a national organization, are you elegible?
Christine Graziano
What is a ‘market campaign’? Is that a marketing campaign?
Gail Nordheim
Can organizations that have previously received CHEJ funding apply?
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
Greetings - I am Dr. Cliff Cockerham, Climate Ambassador with Physicians for Social Responsibility. I often collaborate with grassroots organizations on EJ/CJ adverse impacts on local communities; focusing on immediate mortality & morbidity outcomes, as well as the unfolding long-term climate change impacts. If you need help, please feel free to reach out at CCockerham@PSR.org. - Cliff
Christine Graziano
If there are two neighborhoods and two neighborhood organizations in the same city working under a Collaborative umbrella to address an issue in overlapping ways (intentionally) what would be the best way for them to apply? Cost-sharing in one application or two separate applications. Is it possible both could get funded if separate?
Phoebe Gooding
Greetings. We mostly need to focus our funds to support salaried time for employees and to support community members time who join our organizing calls. Would the grant support funds for community member stipends? Should we keep our budget simple and focus on these two or does the budget need to be more a more robust project budget?
If possible, could you show the slide about fiscal sponsors again?
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
What is the budget like? There are 50 of us on this call and all 50 apply for $50k with great and appropriate proposals... and you wanted to fund them all: HOW MANY COULD you actually afford to fund?
Cathy Buckley
Would we be allowed to submit a proposal that would require face-to-face meetings, knowing that there will be a (possibly long) delay until we could undertake that work?
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
I am especially interested in PFAS issues in Florida and TN. If you overlap those regions, please reach out to me, CCockerham@psr.org
Ashley Podein
If we are currently under the amount for Tier one, but go over that amount by the end of the calendar year, is there a penalty for that?
Ashley Podein
What is the estimated turn around time after the grants are submitted?
If food justice is a concern for the community, could this grant support the establishment of a CSA and/or cooking classes? Because the soil in the area is likely contaminated with lead, would this grant support the creation of raised beds to provide fresh food for the cooking classes?
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
At the risk of being rude... we all realize you cannot fund everyone applies, but it is really nice to get a sense of where we stand. If you have 30 perfect applications for $5k
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
At the risk of being rude... we all realize you cannot fund everyone who applies. Just to get a bit of reality therapy: if you got 30 perfect applications for $5k = $150k and also got 30 perfect applications for $10k = $300k can you actually afford to fund that many applications? That presumes they are all reasonable, on-target, perfect, well-written, and just what you are looking to fund!
Janet Bonet
Is CHEJ focused on funding pollution EJ efforts?
Dr.Cliff Cockerham
Thanks! great program... Cliff
Janet Bonet
Thank you all for fighting the good fight for EJ!