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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Meghan Deutsch
Can the same approval and transmittal letter for ESSER be used for this? Just thinkin in terms of timeliness for Board to sign that form,
Jeremiah Johnson
Are charter schools required to route their application through the LEA or can they apply directly? Are there any estimates on the projected size of the awards?
Mary Vigil
Is an allowable expense still salaries for increased learning time between Spring 2020 and Fall 2020?
Amy Beruan
Does invited mean- required?
Teresa Hopson
What is reasonable expense for HVAC?
Jennifer Austin
Charters are required to route through their LEA.
Amy Beruan
Does that mean the LEA must submit each application on behalf on every charter or the approval and transmittal form must be routed to the district?
Alicia Hancock
Are we required to allocate funds to the Charters?
Jennifer Austin
Reasonable expense would be market value, what they 'normally' go for. May be good to document that.
Jeremiah Johnson
Are we safe to assume that expenses back to March or July 1 would be allowable?
Laura Gorman
Charters are doing individual applications so you know. As a district we are doing our own application, not including charters. They have already applied on their own & notified us.
Jennifer Austin
July 1 forward
Amy Beruan
Is the district required to be in person learning to apply for the grant based on that question and answer?
Laura Gorman
Did you say you will look at high at risk only if you have too many requests? As a large district with the same issues as everyone else, but not high FRL and CRF was not necessarily that way as was ESSER, why is that a consideration?
Meghan Deutsch
What about timeliness of receiving goods. I know accruals have been mentioned, but if we were to apply and make a purchase as soon as we are approved, there could still be an easy 6-12 wk lead time due to lots of needs around PPE, Remote learning, etc from lots of Districts. Would that even be allowable?
Jennifer Austin
they are different
Laura Gorman
I'm confused, if charters put in an application & list the district as the contacts as mentioned in the slide, can't they submit the application in the
Jennifer Austin
Megan, yes it would be allowable. When reviewing those expenditures KPMG will take into consideration the date of the award to the LEA.
Jennifer Austin
in addition, there is a provision in the OMB FAQ that an awardee can purchase 'stock' of PPE, etc. I will go over than shortly.
Laura Gorman
Sorry I hit return -- but can't a charter submit an application with all the right contacts separate from the district submitting one for neighborhood schools
Jennifer Austin
I indicated it was really market value and their application for HVAC
Jennifer Austin
for items not arriving by 12/30 - DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT on the delay and issues ...
Laura Gorman
So will all applications be looked at with Priority for high FRL or only if you don't have enough money to meet the requests? I did hear the reasoning, but if the funds only go to those with high FRL, that won't be our charters likely or district.
Brandi S
Do we need to prove in the application that we will be able to spend all of CRF funds first?
Jane Frederick
A few questions, please, on behalf of my Technology Team. (1) Is there a need to track “non-serialized assets” (e.g. wireless mics priced at $59 each)? If so, is there a price threshold of what assets we need to track? (2) We have collected the serial numbers of all the iPads we purchased with COVID funds. Whenever we service a broken device (students never break iPads, right?) the device is replaced by Apple with a new device (with a new serial number). Do we need to track these device exchanges? And, (3) Are there any special considerations that need to be taken into account when we retire an asset (lost/missing, severely damaged, etc.)? What about when we eventually want to sell these devices as part of our Tech Buyback program?
Debra Myers
If we follow the rule of 3 hours of instruction in the spring and code the 3 to 4 additional hours of instruction time for fall of 2020 will this suffice for the CRF funds for salaries for teachers?
Linda Weyers
Is there a sample form or guidance on providing proof of time and effort?
Debra Myers
If payroll runs and posts before December 30th then a district can use those actual numbers for the CRF report?
Jane Frederick
Jane Frederick
Thank you, Jennifer!
Debra Myers
I want to double check this allowable?
Debra Myers
This would be 4012 funds.
Debra Myers
Yes, this answers my question.
Linda Weyers
Increased instruction time
Linda Weyers
Thank you
Meghan Deutsch
For CRF eligibility - If a Charter school pays for an HVAC "tune-up" to ensure proper air flow and repair any broken parts, like fan belts or capacitor, is that allowable? Or is that more of a "normal" maintance thing.
Jeremiah Johnson
if we have charter schools, we will be required to also send you ledgers for every school because they have their own general ledgers. This could be a huge set of files. Will there be a site to upload documents given the size restrictions on some emails.
Mindy Oliphant
Our pcards are a month in arrears so how do we address this when they won't post until the end of January. In other words our financials won't match due to timing issues.
Jeremiah Johnson
Thank you!
Debra Myers
I found a mistake in my Q2 4012 workbook. I reported more in salary then was spent. How do I make this correction? Do I match the quarters to my system or do I report less in Q3?
Jennifer Austin
Debra Myers - yes, you can make the correction. You will NET IT OUT on the Q3 tab, does that make sense?
Nazie Mohajeri-Nelson
Hi Everyone, I am so sorry for the abrupt transition to the next speakers and rushing through the CRF questions. We have heard from districts that they need ideas on how to support students who are experiencing homelessness using ESSER funds. So, we wanted to share some ideas around that. Please feel free to continue to chat questions about CRF. Thanks,
Jennifer Austin
I am so sorry I was long winded guys, if anyone has any questions, as always, email me austin_j@cde.state.co.us
beckie anderson
I'm still not clear on the SSRG applications and charters. Are the charters able to apply on their own with district signatures?
DeLilah Collins
Charter Schools can submit the application. The charter school must work with the district to complete the Authorized Representative and Authorized Requester sections of the application. The District is required to signed the Approval and Transmittal form. It is recommended that the district provide guidance and or a process for charter schools to complete the application.
Laura Gorman
What is the timing of that expiration -- is it still anticipated to be January for evictions? Right now we have families being evicted -- isn't there a governor moratorium on that right now?
beckie anderson
Thank you, DeLilah
Teresa Hopson
What about a Para for a Homeless student that is Spanish speaking
Catherine Felsmann
For transportation for students experiencing homelessness - does this have to come in the form of District school bus transportation or can we use services like UBER or Lyft?
Kristin Myers
Kristin Myers--Foster Care Coordinator, myers_k@cde.state.co.us
Kerry Wrenick
Cody Buchanan
For questions concerning 21st CCLC or Out of school time programming, feel free to contact me: Cody Buchanan Buchanan_c@cde.state.co.us
Kerry Wrenick
Catherine- any transportation option is considered allowable (taking into account cost efficiency)
Meghan Deutsch
I could be wrong, but I thought using the restricted rate, we didn't have to back out capital equipment?
Jennifer Austin
yes the example is showing that the capital eequipment is being backed OUT of total direct costs.
Jennifer Austin
135020-64295 = x multiplied by ICR rate
Jennifer Austin
I have never heard that capital equipment doesn't need to be backed out if using a restricted rate.
Jennifer Austin
you can take the TOTAL award divided by 1+ ICR Rate, will give you what the TOTAL direct costs allowable to be able to claim all the ICR allocable to you with the exception of the capital equipment.
Jennifer Austin
130,883.26 Total Direct Costs13,742.74 Total allocable ICR144,626.00 TOTAL AWARD
Debra Myers
I have not drawn down any funds yet, but should I anticipate a problem?
Jennifer Austin
144,626/ (1.105)=130883.26
Meghan Deutsch
Yes Jen, your example is perfect!
Jennifer Austin
did you mean me Nazi?
Debra Myers
I was planning on requesting funds spent for the first 4 months in the salaries that I have paid out in the ESSER funds.
Meghan Deutsch
you're explaining it way better than me!
Debra Myers
Yes it does. Thank you.
Debra Myers
I am sorry my sound just cut out on my computer. Thank you for the information today.
Meghan Deutsch
Jennifer Austin
sorry I talked so much everyone!
Jane Frederick
Thank you. Hope you can enjoy a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving!
Steven Kaleda
Happy Turkey Day