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U.S. Floral Grower and Importer Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Camron King
Why isn't the vote representative to the volume or amount of sales? This would be consistent with the democratic process.
Camron King
The domestic amount is still relatively small for funding a national campaign and if it gets split amongst multiple groups, the amount becomes far less impactful.
Phil Mueller
We sell a tremendous amount of Curly Willow, a decorative branch, not a flower or a green. Would this be subject to the assessment. Michaeal’s and Hobby Lobby, two large national chains, both sell imported Curly Willow from China. Are those guys being assessed as well. They are in fact the importers.
Camron King
I see that the updated language is now on the website, it would have been nice to review in advance to be better informed prior to having this call.
great point Phil
Fred Van Wingerden
assessment collection of offshore product should be collected from sales of flowers/greens in the US from the importers...not customs!
Camron King
Quick review of the proposed language shows a lot of unfinished areas and a lot of opportunities for further input and clarification. How does feedback and further questions get submitted since this is a webinar and not an opportunity for us all as the industry have the chance to talk through this together?
Camron King
So, people haven't been elected by the industry are serving as the Board on behalf of the industry? Did I hear that correctly?
Lane DeVries
The California Cutflower Commission was voted down by California flower farmers over a 0.45% assessment.
Nicki Bailey
We have questions
Camron King
This wasn't a town hall