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Office hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Anthony Clayton
Anthony Clayton, Inland Empire in Southern California
Peter Joehnk
Peter Joehnk, San Luis Obispo. I have a question about Rayia
Nora Delolli
I have a question about coaching our new ISA :)
Abigail Davis
I’ve got a question about farming postcards. I think Barry uses a service. Forgot the name
Brad Huffines
Ok, group. We are changing brokerages (actually going from a team at one brokerage to literally starting a new residential brokerage at a commercial brokerage starting January 1. Recruiting starts almost immediately. We currently use LionDesk. I would ask if anyone is willing to do a screenshare with me to show me how FollowUp Boss works in integration with Ylopo. I know how LD integrates.
Abigail Davis
Move to FUB. Definitely. No question
Abigail Davis
You can get Ylopo to send you Barry’s FUB class
Brad Huffines
Thanks Abigail. I just want a visual from someone who can show me the basis day to day ops so I can sell it to our team, who happens to manage all the residential efforts.
Brad Huffines
QUESTION: New seller leads process. In your experience worth redirecting buyer leads to seller leads in a market where 2 years ago we had 1400 homes for sale in our MLS at this time of year, and this year under 300. We want to focus on sellers to start our brokerage growth. But are wanting a strategy.
Abigail Davis
Brad, I’m available later today to show you my FUB if you want. Probably 3pm CT
Harry Moore
I have a question about follow up for PPC vs FB
Trista Haugen
Can we get the Office Hours replays updated? The last one posted is Oct. 14. Thank you!
Richard McDonough
So I talk to my account rep regularly. I have not had a consistent dialog with the marketing department at Ylopo. Any suggestions for what to ask , shifting spend from Facebook to more PPC. Would love your input.
Brad Huffines
Beautiful days are underrated! (Says the meteorologist... BORING!!)