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Thursday, April 30th at 9:30 a.m. - Diving Deep Into FFCRA Leave Compliance - Shared screen with speaker view
David Rains
as to the poster - how to handle if most are remote working? Do you post at brick and mortar and email to everyone?
Michele Coley
This only applies if the employee has a Covid-19 related illness right?
Please address how to handle if employee is working part time only due to child care issues.
Kevin Davis
If the employer's normal FMLA period is a fiscal or academic year; i.e. September 1 to August 31 - is the employer required by law to expand this benefit into the new FMLA year, at least through December 31?
Deborah - TLC
how to handle this example: employee normally has daycare; daycare is not open but they are able to find substitute daycare for most of their shifts. can they use this to cover those days?
Deborah - TLC
the ones they cant work I mean
Are you still allowed to take the tax credits for sick pay if you received a PPP loan?
Loretta Jones
Does the law define employees using comp time during this time? Is sick leave the only time that is covered under the FFCRA?
Janet Hernandez
I've had few employees being tested at either DCH or Maude Whatley due to high temp, etc. Are they advised of the 48hr rule? Some employees have brought negative results. but they' have only been tested once. If the results take more than 48 hrs to be back, should we send the employees back to be re-tested?
Will these slides be available to everyone after the conference?
Michele Coley
The rules only apply if the employee or other person has COVID-19 and not any other sickness?
Deborah - TLC
he answered it already so all good :-)
Blake A. Madison
An employer is generally eligible for PPP loans under the CARES Act even if the employer is also receiving sick/family leave tax credits under FFCRA; however, the amount of “payroll costs” included in the loan will not include the amount of wages/expenses for required sick/family leave under FFCRA and the loan proceeds may not be used for wages/expenses for required FFCRA sick/family leave for which a tax credit is allowed.
Deborah - TLC
thank you Thomas & the Chamber for doing this. You answered so many questions we all had!!!