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IRAD webinar
David Lappano
I am wondering if there specific implications , opportunities for theological schools and ministry formation to take up this work?
I warm to the emphasis on koinonia and conflict but I have a question about the role in mission of the instrumentality of the church. Ch 2 Part 2 of GROU makes it easier to accept an instrumental role of the church in achieving a foretaste of the kingdom- this is key to exploring further the meaning of witness but in the report, B14 the emphasis is firmly on the sacramental significance of the Body as a sign of the coming Kingdom. What is your thinking about the relationship between the instrumental and the sacramental in mission?
Peggy Mulambya
There have been many dialogues/conversations on Koinonia and Ecumenism on the international front, but the movement towards the practical Koinonia has been very slow compared to the Koinonia that is lived in a practical way at the grassroots or community level like someone mentioned and the practical example that was given of India?
Sarah Rowland Jones
It would be excellent if the Report's insights and challenges can be brought into the growing common life under the umbrella of the JDDJ process - both our Communions, together with Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists.
Sarah Rowland Jones
Thank you everyone - a really helpful time together. May God indeed bless the fruitfulness of this dialogue.
Anna Case-Winters
Many thanks to the dialogue participants for this wonderful achievement.
David Evans SA NEO UK
God bless