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Central Florida History 101: Tourist Destination, International Community, and Big City Problems (1972 – to the present) - Shared screen with speaker view
Rick Kilby
There is a great Reflections article written by the History Center’s Whitney Broadaway about how innovative Wet ’n Wild was. It was a ground breaking water park
Amanda Henry
Recordings can all be found at this page: https://www.thehistorycenter.org/historyathome/
Rick Kilby
The 2nd and 3rd talks are on our History at Home page: https://www.thehistorycenter.org/historyathome/
Rick Kilby
“Flashbacks: The Story of Central Florida’s Past” by Robison and Andrews is good.
Rick Kilby
The Sentinel’s Joy Wallace Dickinson has about 3 books on Central Florida history.
Rick Kilby
Steve Rajtar’s Guide to Historic Orlando is also helpful.
Rick Kilby
For Orlando history try to find a copy of Eve Bacon’s “Orlando: A Centennial History.” It’s out of print.