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Afghan Newcomer Arrivals Information Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Beth Ebel
Kassra! So wonderful you were able to make it!
Beth Ebel
Please feel free to type questions in the chat so you don’t forget! Will have time for questions at end.
Alyssa Kelly
Thank you Ariana!!
Beth Ebel
Ariana, thank you for a fantastic talk! What advice/resources would you have for broaching topics such as depression?
Alyssa Kelly
For patients vaccinated at Safe Havens, is there a way to request immunization records?
Ariana Anjaz
@beth Building rapport with the youth and asking in expanded sentences that don’t explicitly call out depression. Such as the mental health questionnaires often given out at visits, it is very non-personal and intimidating. Can also connect youth in the south king area to our bi-weekly youth council to connect with our youth as an informal mental health support
Beth Ebel
Thank you - very helpful. Appreciate the connection with the youth council as a resource.
Alyssa Kelly
Thank you!
Joe Sherman (he/him)
Thank you for an excellent presentation. Clear, concise, and culturally sensitive.
Phanith Touch
^ thank you Dr. Ibrahim, something that I have learned from Dr. Dawson-Hahn as well is that we often we feel compelled to ask about the underwritten, painful histories of those who have experienced and lived through incredible trauma, and I often pause myself, and think that when I ask questions about trauma, I have to be thoughtful about whether those questions in that moment is meant to benefit my own discomfort or is it with the intention of learning and supporting my patient and their families.
Beth Ebel
Thank you, Ariana, Anisa and Beth for a fantastic talk on how we can better welcome Afghani children and families to our medical home!
Anisa Ibrahim
Dr. Phanith Touch, absolutely agree. Thank you for your insightful comment
Adrienne Kishi
Thank you so much for all your time and work in putting this presentation- such a privilege to hear everyone’s experience and insight!
Alyssa Kelly
Thank you!
Nomazwe Ncube
Thank you all!
Annie Hoopes
Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!
Ariana Salaiz
Thank you!
Amy Person
Thank you