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Rozsa Foundation Event - Shared screen with speaker view
Kim Stadelmann, The Citadel Theatre (she/her)
Calling in from Treaty 6 territory
Mark Hopkins (he/him)
We have an event happening on Saturday evening. After our latest communication via mailchimp including a reminder about REP we received two emails in response. One accused us of"tyrannical communist enslavement of humanity" and ", since you appear to endorse the disgusting and anti-human REP. That you support segregation, discrimination and the de-humanization of millions of Albertans and Canadians is abhorrent. If you think it is acceptable and "normal" to be forced to share personal medical information through a QR code to get in to a concert, you have been brainwashed and have lost your moral compass and your Humanity." Don't think these are regular supporters although one claimed to have attended out Bluegrass Festival this last August. Don't know if you all have received anything similar.
Simon Mallett (he/him) - Rozsa Foundation
Thanks for sharing this Eric, we'll talk about this shortly.
Keri Ekberg
Haha, Simon. Geese obey no one.
I know this is a small number and I believe our audience for the most part are accepting willing to follow the restrictions in place. Certainly our pre-sales would indicate that this.
Mark Hopkins (he/him)
I guess a really specific question - we’re doing our first in-person show in December, so it’ll be our first time doing vaccine checks, etc. What kind of extra resources, staffing or other considerations have you made for front of house? And are you finding that you have to push back show start times significantly to accommodate the extra front of house arrival time for guests?
Keri Ekberg
We are having interesting conversations with partner venues about keeping the REP in place for a set period of time, even if it is lifted prior to our events. This has been a positive but also challenging exercise.
Mark Hopkins (he/him)
I’ve already got the Covid Records Verifier app on my phone, for QR code scanning! Seems super handy.
Mark Hopkins (he/him)
“Moments of unusual interest” is a great phrase.
This Saturday will be our first indoor event. We will have a check point prior to entry. We intend to be more strict regarding times. No early entry, doors open at 7, concert start 7:30. no entry at all after 7:45.
Dorothy Bentley
Thank you to all of the panelists for sharing your experiences and for offering to share your hard-won policies.
Thank you all for this conversation today
Rufi Oswaldo
Thank you kindly for a very informative webinar today :)
Peita Luti (she/her) Quest Theatre
thanks everyone!
Sayonara Cunha
Thanks all for sharing your experiences!