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DEI Forum - WFAE and WUWM - Shared screen with speaker view
Chuck Roberts
Were the mentors only in the news room??
Chuck Roberts
How far in were the Stay Interviews done? After an employee is there how long? Thanks
Dawnita Altieri
Did you also leverage your Community Advisory Board for the listening sessions?
Jim Schachter
WFAE’s work is so exciting. Are you measuring the impact all your efforts are having on enhancing the diversity of your radio and digital audiences?
Michael Arnold, WPR
This is fantastic work. have you seen an impact on the racial dynamics of your broadcast audience?
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
The mentors have started only in the newsroom. We are in the process of extending the program to the whole company.
Bill Thomas
Yes, very impressive. I'll send some nuts and bolts questions directly if I may.
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
The stay interviews start within the first couple of months and are ongoing. We've been doing them less than a year.
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
We do leverage the CAB for feedback. I try to attend every meeting to give them updates and get their feedback. We send them all of our surveys and they all know they can contact me at any time.Re tracking and broadcast audiences, we are looking at our coverage and how it influences our listening. We've seen it increase dramatically among Latino listeners, for example, during our coverage of the local sheriff's ICE enforcement activities. Our Black audience has been historically higher, so it's harder to tease out any increase there that's based on programming. But the anecdotes from listeners have increased there. We are seeing our digital numbers soar and the individual outreach to us about our coverage of these issues has been tremendous.
Dawnita Altieri
Thank you!
Tom Michael
Ju-Don, during the pandemic, have you continued any of the outreach into the diverse spaces mentioned, since it appeared much of it was in-person.
Jim Schachter
For what it’s worth, I’ve used this language - cribbed from the Washington Post - in outreach for job postings: “We are committed at@nhpr to creating opportunities for people from groups who’ve been underrepresented in journalism generally and in our newsroom in particular.”
Chuck Roberts
Is it seen as dangerous or risky to take out the Journalism Degree requirement out of news room job postings?
Connie Walker
Thanks Jim!
Jim Schachter
Chuck: I don’t have a journalism degree, and it hasn’t held me back.
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
Tom Michael, we are doing virtual town halls, forums and workshops with the community. We have a virtual community event with our collaborators coming up this weekend and we have two virtual storyteller events that incorporates community storytellers planned for early in the year. And we just did a virtual Podcast Festival that attracted more than 13,000 registrants. So we're really embracing the virtual opportunity to connect with those who might in other times have difficulty getting to a physical location because of jobs, child care, carfare, etc.
Dawnita Altieri
Is the University (UWM's HR) concerned about race-based positions and federal funds to the institution? . I know we have changed "anti-racism" to other terms due to current federal language that is not friendly to that.
Connie Walker
thanks, this is great, I will check out the recording as I missed the beginning and have to leave now for another zoom. Really helpful and I like that WFAE and WUWM are in different places. John, I'll be in your backyard later this month so please keep it from snowing too much!
Tom Michael
Congrats Ju-Don on the Podcast Festival Huge numbers. I’ve sidestepped the college degree requirement for a hire at current station and a previous station.
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
I'm happy to answer any other questions about our work. You can reach me at jmarshall@wfae.org.
Sally Kane
Thank you Ju Don..very inspiring.
Vanessa de la Torre
A lot of great info, Ju-Don. Nice seeing you!
Ju-Don Marshall (WFAE)
Thanks Vanessa