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Abraham Accords - Speaker view
Nicole Struth
Welcome everyone! We are so glad you are able to join us this evening. We at the World Affairs Council of CT, in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, Jewish Community Relations Council, and UCONN Global, are thrilled to have you here for this program on the Abraham Accords.
Nicole Struth
We want to hear from YOU. Please take a moment to say hi in the chat and let us know where you’re watching from. Make sure your chat settings are set to “everyone” so we say hi to one another.
Nicole Struth
There will be chances for audience questions this evening. If you have a question, please submit it to the Q&A function, found at the bottom of your video screen.
Nicole Struth
Don't forget to add your questions to the Q&A! You can find this at the bottom of your video screen.
Nicole Struth
Check out more about the Abraham Accords Peace Institute here: https://www.aapeaceinstitute.org/
Nicole Struth
Also make sure to check out UCONN's Abrahamic Programs for Academic Collaboration in the MENA Region: https://abrahamicprograms.uconn.edu/
Sercan Canbolat
Also, you can find more information about The Joseph I. Lieberman Abrahamic Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program (The Lieberman Program) here: https://abrahamicprograms.uconn.edu/entrepreneurship-home/
Nicole Struth
Have a question? Make sure to submit it to the Q&A!
Beth Goldberg
Joseph Lieberman Is there any way or hope that Jared Kushner will get the recognition that he deserves for his efforts?