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AFLA Meeting and Presentation - December 8, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Dear Members: Please submit any questions for Judge Reif via the chat portal. Thank you!
Victor Muskin
Judge Reif, You opened with an interesting historical survey of the comprehensive tariff authority of Congress as set down in the constitution. Yet we are now witnessing a trade war targeting China with tariffs that are apparently imposed unilaterally by President Trump. Has Congress approved of these measures by the executive? If not, are they constitutional?
Robert Stebbings
Miss you all. Bob Stebbings, stuck in Boca Raton. Stayh well
Is there tension at the WTO between China and Taiwan? What is the US position vis a vis Taiwan? Is it compromised in any way by its relationship with China?
Brenda Cordova
regarding USMCA, what differences have you seen on the way the US and MX implement the origin verification proceedings?
Brenda Cordova
thank you!!
Terence Stewart
Judge Reif - with a new administration coming, with a priority on climate change, would you agree that US-EU coordination on carbon tax and on upgrading WTO efforts on Trade and the Environment will be important in the coming years?
Robert Stebbings
Fabulous. rystebbin@aol.com 917-699-6978. Boca now brighter. Talk soon. Please send email, etc. Thanks for kind response. Bob
Irving Williamson
There has been a decline in domestic support for trade agreements since NAFTA and a growing concern about inequality and now racial injustice, while many solutions require changes in domestic policies, what should be done in terms of trade policies and how should the changes be implemented?
Victor Muskin
Thank you It's always great to be able to reverse roles and ask questions of the judge.
Kenneth Wasserman
To what extent, if any, would you say political leanings play a role in the opinions of the Court of International Trade and in the votes of its individual judges?
Valerie Hughes
You mentioned that the US has for some 19 years raised concerns about the WTO Appellate Body’s approach in resolving disputes. The Chair of the DSB carried out negotiations in 2019 and came up with a proposal for changes that could be made to address concerns raised by the US but the US objected to adoption of the proposed changes as it did not think the proposal sufficiently addressed the root problems with Appellate Body practices. Where do you think this will go from here?
Irving Williamson
I forgot to add, Thank you Tim for all you have done through out your career to promote diversity in the people who work on trade issues in the government.