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(Ref 160900) Partnering for the development of sustainable clinical research infrastructures and a skilled workforce in Africa - Convened by EDCTP/ECRIN - Shared screen with speaker view
Ralf Sudbrak
@Babara - is the TEI already in contact with the SECURE initiative from GARDP and WHO (Access to antibiotics)
Ffion Storer Jones (DSW, EU)
Sorry to have to leave early to attend another event. Thanks for a very interesting session.
Jitka Kranz
We will take the questions after the next intervention
Ralf Sudbrak
in the so called silent pandemic AMR Antimicrobial Resistance as pointed out in the recent Lancet paper by Chris Murphy showing the disease burden of AMR
Ralf Sudbrak
African CDC (Yewande Alimi) will be present tomorrow at 12 h in the AMR session
Ralf Sudbrak
sorry for spamming: we will give the Young Researchers a voice - we have the Students Against Superbugs Africa in the AMR Programme tomorrow at 12 h in the AMR session
Karl A. Stroetmann, UVIC
Where will the slides become available?
Odhiambo K'Ojwang
The response of EU when it comes to vaccine distribution speaks volumes about the nature of EU-Africa Relations, and the genuineness by either party. It questions the credibility and wisdom of the African leaders when it comes to global partnerships. Africans should not be used as statistics or research subjects in a controled environment. This relationship benefits the EU and exploits the African continent or so I think.
Pablo Rojo
I joined later, so I would also ask if possible to have the slides or the presentation available
Jacquelene Friedenthal
Thanks to all the speakers for an informative session. Regards, Jacquelene Friedenthal. Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa
Lara Pandya, EDCTP
We will ask the organisers of AERAP Science at the EU-AU Summit if they can share the slides with all of our session participants.
Pablo Rojo
Thank you!
Thank you for organising this really important session.
Ralf Sudbrak
thank you for this great session
Lara Pandya, EDCTP
Thank you all for joining us today and for your contributions to the discussion.
Isabel Reis
On behalf of the EDCTP and ECRIN, thank you very much for your participation.
Wysi Wyg
thanks all