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Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC) Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Pamela .
Ariel is that per night?
Jeff Mausner
WV Shelter 1. Hi Everyone. I am putting this into chat for item number 9 in the Agenda, the West Valley Animal Shelter. As you know, we unanimously passed a resolution in September urging Neighborhood Councils to file community impact statements in Council File 20-1114. So far, 9 NCs have filed CIS’s: Northridge East, Porter Ranch, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Northridge South, Lake Balboa, Encino, Sunland-Tujunga, and West Hills. On November 25, the City Council passed a resolution asking the Animal Services Department to submit a new plan, but Animal Services has not done so yet. Below is the VANC Resolution from September. If your NC has not yet filed a CIS, you can get language from that for your CIS, or you can look at the nine CIS’s that have been filed. I’m splitting this up into 4 chats because it is too long to fit into one.
Jeff Mausner
WV Shelter 2. VALLEY ALLIANCE OF NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS (VANC) RESOLUTION REGARDING THE WEST VALLEY ANIMAL SHELTER, September 10, 2020Whereas the Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) Department has submitted a draft Proposal dated June 26, 2020 to turn the West Valley Animal Shelter into a privately run Community Resource Center; andWhereas this draft Proposal would result in significant loss of City services for the people and animals of the West San Fernando Valley; andWhereas it would result in overburdening the only other city animal shelter in the Valley, the East Valley Animal Shelter; andWhereas it would be inequitable because the entire burden of the LAAS budget cut is being visited on one area of the City, the West Valley; andWhereas the draft Proposal is overwhelmingly opposed by the residents of the West Valley and the City; andWhereas there are alternatives to the draft Proposal that would maintain the West Valley Shelter as a fully functioning municipal shelter;
Tony Wilkinson
Unlikely to get boundary changes. Tens of thousands of parcels would need to recoded in ZIMAS, etc.
Jeff Mausner
WV Shelter 3. Now Therefore, the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC), representing all 34 Neighborhood Councils in the San Fernando Valley, opposes the LAAS draft Proposal for the West Valley Animal Shelter dated June 26, 2020, demands that the West Valley Shelter remain open as a municipal shelter, and urges Neighborhood Councils to file Community Impact Statements (CIS) in support of this position in City Council File 20-1114, entitled West Valley Animal Shelter Long Term Plan.
Jeff Mausner
WV Shelter 4. Here is the link for LACityClerk Connect for 20-1114:https://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=20-1114I’m also putting in a link to a CityWatch article entitled: What’s Going on At the West Valley Animal Shelter—Will It Remain a City-Run Shelter?https://citywatchla.com/index.php/cw/los-angeles/20457-what-s-going-on-at-the-west-valley-animal-shelter-will-it-remain-a-city-run-shelterIf you want to see the West Valley Shelter remain a municipal shelter, please make sure your NC files a community impact statement on this.Thank you. Best regards, Jeff
Tony Wilkinson
Recode LA was focused on downtown. The issue, though, is that we are different, and DTL ideas may get applied to Valley as a matter of expedience. Ahha! Phyllis Nathanson. Recode is 2 years only or more
Tony Wilkinson
Cheri, let's put it off as long as we can! (I'm in Panorama City.) It is a HUGE local effort.
Cindy Cleghorn
The North Valley Community Plans will be coming up in about 1-1/2 to 2 years from now.
Pamela .
The fee for short term rental...is that $3/night?
Tony Wilkinson
Thanks Cindy. My motto is never do today what we can put off until tomorrow.
Cheri Derohanian
Okay, Tony - Thank you for that info. Apparently per Glenn Bailey, Granada Hills was already done...I missed learning more about that. Appreciate your comments, as always, Tony.
Cindy Cleghorn
Regarding reCode — This has been underway since Villaraigosa was Mayor. There is a volunteer committee that has met throughout the past several years. The new Zoning Code will make it easier to understand what can be developed, what the use can be, size, etc. on a property.
Cindy Cleghorn
You can get to the latest page on City Planning about reCode here: https://planning.lacity.org/zoning/new-code
Cindy Cleghorn
RE: volunteer committee — there are two members of the committee from Neighborhood Councils.
Tony Wilkinson
Personal opinion, Lee, the input at the public outreach events is not as effective as following the community planning process on the website and writing your own input messages. The community meetings are to collect "dots on a map".
Tony Wilkinson
Lee, people other than residents drive throughand work in every community. Residents are not the only stakeholders, just as with our NCs.
Cindy Cleghorn
PlanCheckNC will meet this Saturday on Zoom — The topic will be Planning & Processes Procedures Ordinance. This has also been under review for a long time. If you have an interest in Early Notification, type of Notification, How projects are reviewed, etc. please plan to attend, 10 a.m. Saturday. Info is here: http://plancheckncla.com/
Ariel Jones
Hi Pamela, yes, it is a per-night ($3.10) fee.
Michael Lektorich, City Clerk - Election Div
Michael Lektorich, City Clerk - Election Div
Michael Lektorich, City Clerk - Election Div
Glenn Bailey
Draft Digital Media Policy for NCs Info SessionWhenWed, December 16, 5:00pm – 6:30pmDescriptionJoin us for an info session on the draft Digital Media Policy for Neighborhood Councils (NCs) which is currently being reviewed and discussed by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.This virtual session is being held on Zoom. Please RSVP to receive details to join the info session online or by phone, which will be emailed to you prior to event day:RSVP Link: http://tiny.cc/DigitalMediaPolicyDec16
Rudy Melendez
Censorship Is UnAmerican
Your a RAT Glenn cutting me off
GLENN cut me off the meeting. I missed my question. Look up VICHY FRANCE. So familiar in 2020 with these DONE and BONC people sometimes.
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
As it is, board members are misusing the “censor,” option to punish those ho have challenged their self interests and highly political agendas.
Your a RAT Glenn cutting me off
1,000% CORRECT
Your a RAT Glenn cutting me off
Glenn BAILEY is hosting this and CENSORING. Last nite Semee Park hijacked the V.N.N.C. and was chairing it ruling folks Off Topic
Cheri Derohanian
. We make an overt effort to detach our personal opinion if we represent
Cheri Derohanian
the Neighborhood Council
Glenn Bailey is a CENSOR
Elected Officials ARE allowed to free speech. These rules are CENSORSHIP and BONC and DONE weeding out dissent it seems.
Glenn Bailey
Goat Puppet aka Wayne from Encino aka Wayne Spindler aka something negative with my name will not be allowed to disrupt our VANC meeting. Any further behavior violations will result in his being removed from this meeting.
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
what about non-violent, but pointed private emails between board members? Can those private emails be used to introduce the “censorship,”procedures in retaliation?
Cheri Derohanian
Those are all subject to Public Records Requests....so use your personal email if you are just emailing each other on non-board business and topics.
Glenn Bailey is a CENSOR
Glenn Bailey hates free speech. The Brown Act allows ANY NAME to be used! Now Glenn is telling speakers WHAT CONTENT is allowed or not allowed in a speaker card! AMAZING
Tony Wilkinson
Hi Wayne, We are not Brown Acted, however we welcome everyone.
Keren Waters
Follow the old school rule: if it isn't in writing, it didn't happen. Pick up the phone and have a conversation. Don't leave an "Etrail."
Pamela .
Are these meetings or subcommittee meetings subject to Roberts Rules of Order?
Mike Benedetto
Glen what are the cost during Covid
Censored Speaker?
YOUR MEETINGS ARE PROMOTED ON DONE website and are attended by MEMBER N.C.s so it may well be on that basis! I was excluded on an N.C. promoted Encino HMO meeting. Thus, Tony is saying that there is go around to the Brown Act---migrate away from the N.C. meetings to other "entities." Could be a "pattern and practice" complaint to circumvent the 1rst Amendment and Brown. hmmmm??
Cindy Cleghorn
The website for the Congress is nccongressla.com — all recordings from this last virtual Congress are there as well as programs from the past 10 years of the Congress so you can see the history of the events.
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
Right on, Miran! They have doxxed me, publicaly published where I live, called me vile names, and
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
...and lied.
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
DONE has been of no help, City Attorney has been of no help.
Censored Speaker?
I was arrested 5 times, nearly killed in March 2017 in a Swatted call situation, and run out of my home in Encino and my business destroyed by our wonderful City Hall folks. FREE SPEECH AIN'T FREE! No one PROTECTS YOU except GOD and family! You speak up there are costs! Sad but true.
Rudy Melendez
Pushing out dissension sounds UnDemocratic
Censored Speaker?
You have to STAND UP to this crap by DONE. There are too many awoke Angelinos getting ticked.
Kathleen Edwards.NWNC
Problem is, Tony, the bad eggs are trying to back the board with other extremist bad eggs.
Pamela .
You don't have to use Roberts Rules but boy would it help your meetings to move along more professionally
Tony Wilkinson
Wayne does have a point about the city. Electeds love covid and meetings where no one be seen or speak
Jill Banks Barad - VANC Chair
VANC is Not under the Brown Act, that was confirmed the first year of our existence!
Tony Wilkinson
We have (with a smile) influenced hands off the special funds, Congess and (a little less effectively) Budget Advocates
Goat Puppet aka Wayne Spindler
...Not subject to Brown Act? Then why promoted on DONE website! Really! Haaaa!!! Your DISCUSSION IS N.C. BUSINESS and POLICY. I will have to look at this interesting stuff. It looks Official GOV'T and seems so...Ad hoc Gov't? The CENSORSHIP of these ancillary meetings seems to want safe haven away from.Brown...yet is linked heavily to City Business and elected N.C. members and staff...
Goat Puppet aka Wayne Spindler
"Drive Home?" We're ALL HOME!! Or in the car. We are on a LOCKDOWN! I'm following it because I want to stop COVID and do MY PART!
Rudy Melendez
The Congress of NC’s should hire the sock puppet to speak at their next event.
Goat Puppet aka Wayne Spindler
The Puppet should be allowed to do NC CIS! I almost got it done on a PLUM project appeal but it was nixed last minute.
Tony Wilkinson
Muni is key, so CITY WORKERS can be stationed in West Valley
Tony Wilkinson
Actually, we should all be filing more "comment from the public" letters on Council Files and not waiting for our NCs to agree on a CIS. We can all use the online system to post our opinions
Joanne Yvanek-Garb
How do I save Jeff's comment.
Goat Puppet aka Wayne Spindler
Good point. Attend City Committee meetings too. Very helpful. The Council loves 🐐 puppet. My other puppets however are less liked
Tony Wilkinson
Ar the bottom right of the Chat box there are three TINY dotes. Click on them and a pop-up button allow you to SAVE. Click that button
Tony Wilkinson
And he's a great guy
Cindy Cleghorn
Yes, Adel is great.
Nice to see everyone. bye
Cindy Cleghorn
Asaad — I hope you can help us learn the pronunciation.
Jeff Mausner
Hi Joanne. Right click on the chat, click on select all, click copy, and then paste it into a Word document.