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Rabbi Yuhanan Parsha Va’Era - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruven Pinkhasov
the wizards of pharaoh could also turn the blood to water
Daniella Alayev
i still don't understand why mosher would keep up the scherade or lie that it will only be 3 days. if that is not the intent and the point is to show jews and Egyptians Hashem's power why lie about the intent
Ayala chaya
but Hashem is the one who hardened his heart, so why does it matter, how many days?
Daniella Alayev
and what if Paroh would've let them go for 3 days and then see that they did not come back. i know that Hashem knew what would happen anyway but until a certain point paroh still had free will
G Kokhabi
Pharaoh didn’t have free will, it writes earlier that He needed to perform all his wonders (10 plagues) and will still harden Pharaohs heart
Daniella Alayev
he was really that blind and really though that they would return? the whole natiom left with everything they own!
Ayala chaya
why was there exactly 10 plaques, and not 8( which symbolized going above nature)
Daniella Alayev
why garden his heart fir only that plague and then give back his free will