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FBRA annual meeting Zoom call - Shared screen with speaker view
Rick Grauer
ihave no carera
why do we have to call the police to get laws enforced? why aren’t they patrolling directly on the beach? Cars were patrolling on street but not going to parties at the beach without a call.
Jessica Graziano
with students living next door to us, we have noise and parties on more than than the weekends. who do we contact for help with noise and crowds - the police or the university? we’ve spoken to the students directly to know avail.
denise collins
Can we get an update on cv statistics especially in relation to positive testing and actual transmission leading to hospital intake
The parking on Reef Road is terrible, it got better when we limited beach access to residents. It is dangerous and almost impossible to go in and out of my driveway
Is there still an ongoing federal investigation of the fill pile and everyone related to allowing it to happen?
The town is in the process of a reassessment. The beach area is sensitive to assessment increases in the past to make up for deficits in other areas. Any comments?
Jessica Levitt
494 Lalley has been having parties every weekend with a DJ. This last weekend they had easily 100 people in the backyard who did not social distance and were not wearing masks. The DJ was using profanity and indecent language. I could not be in my yard and my children were exposed to this language. The police asked the homeowner to tone it down but nothing changed. The noise was unreasonable and it was a public health problem. Why are fairfield police powerless to help? This a family friendly community and this neighbor is consistently disrespecting the community with these parties every weekend. What do we need to do to allow the police to help keep our community decent and protect our ability to enjoy our homes in peace?
Other administrations have spoken about a zero tolerance with FFLD Univ Students and the problems they cause. Will your administration enforce the zero tolerance policy and especially with the global pandemic we are in. There is extensive footage of "ffld univ pandemic parties" by way of example we need your support as well as a commitment from FFLD Univ that this year will be different.
Jessica Levitt
This is not about students - this is an adult homeowner
Has Fairfield ever talked about beach parking passes for entire year and/or a system where folks can buy a full year or just a Summer or just a Winter pass? It feels like we pay higher taxes due to our assessments and we struggle to receive enough support for parking, speeding, distracted driving and reckless driving enforcement? Plus needing a pass to park at parks near the beach/water/harbor across town. The beach residents have to pay to park in front of their homes so everyone else should have to pay as well to use our great facilities
SRL iPh_XS_Nov 2018
many residents; particularly rentals with more tenants than available parking, are leaving their cars on fairfield beach road. can we do more aggressive ticketing of cars partially blocking the street?
nancy freedman
still concerned about noise / party violations form beach area residents who are NOT students
John Fay
how many breach of peace charges have been brought? this year? last year?
Margie Kappel
How many times has 61-1 been enacted with landlords.
Lucas Scholhamer
Question for Chief Lyddy: Is there any education for students around the basic property laws on the beach? Trespassing has been a major issue, and the burden of preventing it has been pushed to homeowners to post signage, erect fences, etc. Maybe some simple education on high tide lines as property boundaries could help.
Dorothea Brennan
Now that things are more digital can a landlord or neighbors go online and see if a house # has been sited? If not, can this be set up?
I am in the 900 block. I haven’t noticed any changes in enforcement, just smaller parties. We hear the same promises every year, but, just like the LED sign that messages about the “Strict Enforcement” and “Respect the Neighborhood” it’s just words, no real actions.
Why have there not been any significant traffic calming measures deployed like in Westport, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Greenwich, Newtown etc near town Beaches and Schools?
Dorothea Brennan
FBRA please make some arrangement to get the Weekly beach report - or how we sign up directly sign-up
Adrienne Kanter
Anything to do about cars parked in bike lanes?
we call all the time for parking by the liquor store an sea grape
Speeding on the FBR pennisula road is a real problem. Currently there are only 2 signs ?
Margie Kappel
It is unfortunate that we have to make the calls; regular patrolling would help.
Seagrape parking is closed because of patio
Jessica Graziano
there’s a party happening right now with loud music in the 1100’s
Jessica Levitt
What is the timeline for moving the noise ordinance over to RTM?
illegally parked cars right now
John Fay
is there a link available to view the “weekly beach report”?
When was the zoning changed from 4 to 5 unrelated families in one house off the beach and why?
Marked presence does nothing! Patrols goes down the road with windows closed! They park and sit and look at their phones. They need to be on foot or on a bike. NOT in cars. Additionally, they need to actually ticket for open container, yelling, etc.
Jessica Levitt
I called 3 times about unreasonable noise this weekend and was told that officer could not do anything. Party at 494 Lalley was more than unreasonably loud and included profanity and indecent language. How do you define unreasonable?
Adrienne Kanter
There are options like a tree canopy that could reduce speed as well. Has that been considered on the streets where there is a lot of speeding?
Jessica Levitt-please reach out to the chief directly to discuss this situation. Just a suggestion...
John Fay
How much of our law enforcement budget goes to policing the beach area and FU students?
Bonnie Strittmatter
How many students were disciplined from this weekends activities?
Stephanie Swann
she just said that there were students dismissed!
Bonnie Strittmatter
I thought there was a zero tolerance policy. Are any folks being disciplined?
Jessica Graziano
what are the actual rules they have communicated to these students?
Stephanie Swann
how many students have been dismissed?
David Loffredo
What’s with the kids covering their windows with tarps this year? 2131 FBR is an example. All the neighbors know there are more than 4 kids living in each of the rentals down at the end of the street - but they all hide behind tarps. Is that part of their Jesuit teaching?
denise collins
Thank you for clarification on testing. Does the university have any statistics on the relationship with student testing positive to transmission to others and especially to hospitalizations?
Your efforts have not been working, what concrete efforts will you do going forward to control your students behavior as now it may be a matter of life and death
it was more than 1 house and party was not over a short time
are the additional shifts in the beach area guaranteed to be filled
denise collins
Maybe the tarps are because they are being photographed by neighbors with telephoto lenses. It is very unsettling to be photographed by your neighbor.
Tracey Thomas
What is the max amount of students that can live in a house off campus?
Tracey Thomas
Last year I saw 4-person MAX per home, is that the same this year? We didn’t see any signage and I know we have more than that in homes on Reef.
John Fay
If FU is serious about enforcing policy, why didn’t they sanction the parties that were held last spring when state mandate was much more strict and Brenda was imploring our community to stay inside. we were at the height of the pandemic and the partying was reported to the university and no action was taken?
Workshop was very informative
denise collins
The University does not have a single covid case. That is GREAT NEWS and it indicates that positive cases are not turning into CV. Go on the CT website and see the statistics for yourself. The Governor said that the college cases are far less than anticipated. You can watch it on youtube — 9.8.20 update. It’s in the first few minutes
When do they plan to Line stripe the roads..very dangerous with so many pedestrians and no cross walks, etc
John Fay
thank you!
Rebecca Bunnell
iif anyone is not on the FBRA newsletter please send me your e mail if you want to be put on