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CIDCI Online Salon: Cliff Conner - Innovation for What? - Shared screen with speaker view
margie odriscoll
If you have questions, please place them here.
margie odriscoll
If you have questions, please place them here
Linda Loew
Can you comment on those that practice medicine ( nurses, doctors ,etc.) and if you see them as part of the solution in transforming the health care system. Have the extraordinary challenges they are facing in this pandemic had an impact inmoving them to action?
Monica Zwissler
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Monica Zwissler
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Mark Friedman
Thank you for a materialist analysis! Can you comment on how science is different in socialist Cuba? We all know their approach to a humanistic Vs. profitability to health care is real. Their international medical brigades... You are completely correct about the impact of humans on the environment causing pandemics, climate change, increased medical problems and zoonoses.
Miran Božičević
Science for the People https://scienceforthepeople.org/
Mark Friedman
For those interested in Cuba's approach to science, medicine... Listen to a conversation and participate, between actor Danny Glover and the Cuban Ambassador to the US. June 16. Register at: http://www.us-cubanormalization.org/viva-cuba/
Monica Zwissler
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Monica Zwissler
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Monica Zwissler
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Monica Zwissler
The first book “A People’s History of Science”
Linda Loew
Thank you for the opportunity to attend this wonderful presentation! Greetings from Chicago!
Monica Zwissler
From Alexei Folger to All panelists: (10:58 AM)
I think it was a book other than “The Tragedy of American Science”
Monica Zwissler
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