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Public Grants Meeting for the New Castle County Affordable Housing Fund, HOME Investment Partnerships Program and New Castle County Housing Trust Fund - Shared screen with speaker view
Wes Davis
must a nonprofit be a Chodo?
LNWA- Arbor Management
Can you please confirm the AHF program is targeted to 60% median income and below?
Wes Davis
Does the funding from all 3 sources prioritize unincorporated areas?
LNWA- Arbor Management
Comment: LNWA would like to point out a technical distinction between an “incorporated area” and a “participating jurisdiction” A participating jurisdiction, like the City of Wilmington, has its own allocation of HOME and CDBG funding to prioritize projects. Most of the of the “incorporated areas” in NCC rely on the County to allocate these funds.
LNWA- Arbor Management
We need your support!!! Thanks Vince